Make peace not war for the last slice!

Fiorucci, Italian cold cuts brand has found a great solution to prevent the fight for the last slice of salami and keep the peace.

Gathering together with friends and family around the table enjoying a delicious salami is a joy and pleasure. But when it comes to the last slice it’s not easy to decide who will get it. It might cause stress, greed, paranoia and even violence. And the most incredible thing can happen: friends and family can become enemies.

To get rid of conflict Fiorucci and McCann Worldgroup Milan created “The board of peace”, a smart cutting board that randomly selectes who is going to get this last slice.

Are you curious to know how it works? Just press a button and look if the red LED light points at you. If it does, enjoy! No one can tell you it’s unfair.

The idea is very smart and deserves appropriate attention. People should live in peace and harmony, without quarreling with each other.

The world has had enough fighting and conflicts, so enjoy your meal in the company of friends or family and remember that Fiorucci brings us together. Fiorucci – salami for peace!

Below you can find the commercial:


We have been working hard this year. It’s time to have a rest. See you in August! ☺


7 thoughts on “Make peace not war for the last slice!

  1. I can see this helping with families who fight over the last piece. As for me, I make sure their is enough for everyone to have the same amount. Thus no fighting.

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