Lurpak invites to go freestyle in the kitchen!

Lurpak starts a new campaign to encourage people to be creative in the kitchen.

Let’s break the routine. Let’s turn our imaginative ideas into reality. It’s time to set sail for something totally new and fresh.

Ladies and Gentlemen, today we’re going to try something a little different. We’re going freestyle” – tells us a voiceover in the commercial.

Lupark Go Freestyle, 1 (via)

In the commercial we can see people’s excitement and enthusiasm while cooking. Let’s put aside cookbooks and let imagination go. Take matters into your own hands.

Lurpak Go Freestyle, 2 (via)

The ad is accompanied by jazz rhythm that inspires you to go freestyle and start improvising with a dish in the kitchen. Tasty and glorious food images whet your appetite and take you in the incredible world of flavor and taste sensations.

The campaign has been done by Wieden+Kennedy London and aims to inspire people to be creative and spontaneous while cooking. What’s the point of using a lot of ingredients to create your masterpiece. All you need is to put your heart and soul, passion and imagination into it. Do not hesitate to experiment and then your ideas come true. Creativity is what keeps the idea shining.


Excitement is a key to attract viewers attention. What surprises me most is that advertising of ordinary butter brand looks so desirable and eye-catching. You want to taste it immediately and create your own food masterpiece.

Emotional branding is one of the most effective way to cause reaction, feelings and moods. It’s a good idea to promote products, stimulate the desire and encourage consumers to want the product or service. People don’t make logical buying decisions. They make emotional decisions. Brands that engage consumers in a personal dialogue on their needs are able to evoke feelings of love and attachement.

How about a new idea? 😉

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10 thoughts on “Lurpak invites to go freestyle in the kitchen!

  1. I love to improvise in the kitchen and make a recipe more my own. We all have different likes and dislikes and why not “play” with them in the kitchen! I really do love this concept!

  2. Thanks for sharin
    Well go freestyle only with lurpak?
    Would you have some opinion about the carcinogens i Johnsons Baby products?
    Kindly Help.

  3. Freestyle in the kitchen sounds like a bunch of fun. Being creative and making a mess can be so energizing, be fun to do it with someone else in the kitchen.

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