London seen with new eyes thanks to Bose’s new spot.

Could you imagine a buzzing metropolis like London without noise, traffic jams and crowds of people? This surreal image can become a reality in the new ‘Get Closer’ TV ad for Bose by Grey London.

The only living soul in the spot is Maëva Berthelot, a well-known dancer from London, who moves to a electro-R&B track called ‘Alchemy’ by TĀLĀ and to a routine by renowned choreographer Simeon Qsyea through the completely deserted iconic locations of the UK’s capital: the London Underground, Regent Street, Shoreditch markets and Piccadilly Circus.

Bose: Get Closer (via)

And just at the end of the spot you can see people and traffic suddenly appear and you realise that dancing in the empty streets was her flight of fancy. Maëva saw nothing around in overcrowded Piccadilly Circus wearing her new Bose QC35 wireless headphones with the noise cancelling effects and she seemed to be in her own world so that nothing comes between her and her music. What a smart way to promote the headphones, isn’t it? 😉 💃🏽🎧

Bose: Get Closer (via)

Are you curious to know how the video was shot in the empty town? According to Grey’s website they managed to shut off streets for filming for some minutes at a time to allow helicopters to shoot the performance in the early morning.📹🎥🚁

Enjoy watching this fantastic video and let me know your view. 🙂


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35 thoughts on “London seen with new eyes thanks to Bose’s new spot.

  1. Da ex ballerina trovo questo video bellissimo! Da addetta alla comunicazione di un’azienda che fa video e riprese aeree lo trovo anche fatto tecnicamente molto bene e so quando possa essere stato complesso gestire i permessi per volare in aree critiche e anche far chiudere le strade. Incredibile quanto possa essere lungo e complesso fare uno spot così breve!

  2. thanks for the awesome intro to Maëva Berthelot! I gotta watch more of her. I’m such an earphone/headphone fanatic you have no idea. I’m always on the look out for great ones and with my annoying family & rocker/metal head tendencies, noise canceling is just what i need hahahah!

  3. I love this commercial: it shows you can give excellent messages with a good creative brainstorming, good equippements (suppose they used drones) and location issues. It takes quite much to make a god job! But they did it!

  4. Watching this actually gave me the chills! I love dancing and I would love to experience just dancing on the streets with the whole world as your stage. What a great ad. Definitely received the message “noise cancelling”. Awesome!!!

  5. I must admit this such a great idea. They really did a great job, I don’t know if I could imagine something like this. I have Bose speaker and it’s amazing, would love to buy the headphones too.

  6. Ciao! è davvero uno spot interessante e che attira molto l’attenzione. Soprattutto, il messaggio finale è molto significativo in quanto dice che nulla potrà esserci tra te e la musica perché il rumore della città viene scacciato ascoltando la melodia nelle cuffie. In questo caso, il prodotto (cuffie) come per magia fa scomparire tutto il caos e rumori facendoci godere tranquillamente la bellezza di questa città (Londra) con la musica. La ragazza che balla ascoltando la musica può esserlo chiunque, io o tu ecc..
    E’ davvero uno spot molto bello e fatto molto bene in quanto mette in evidenza che il prodotto è davvero di ottima qualità.

    Ecco questo è quello che penso, spero di essere stata chiara e di non averti confuso le idee! 😉

  7. Yeah it’s strange to see London without traffic and people…I lived there for one year and I love that city so much! I saw this ad and I like this concept. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  8. Intanto ho adorato follemente il video! Ti ringrazio per tutte le informazioni dettagliate che ci hai fornito su questo magnifico apparecchio, indispensabile per i produttori di video !

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