Lexus introduces the ‘Lane Valet’ in its new TV Commercial.

Browsing the web I came across an unusual TV commercial done by the ad agency Team One United States for the 2018 Lexus LC that highlights the ‘Lane Valet,’ Lexus new innovation that every driver will appreciate. But all is not as it seems. Continue reading to find out more!

Thinking outside the box has always been in Lexus DNA. The luxury automaker never ceases to amaze me by the endless creativity, passion for innovation and advanced technology. Lexus knows that when you take technology and mix it with creativity, you can always come up with something new. This time Lexus introduces the latest incredible invention named ‘Lane Valet,’ that can take the driving experience to a whole new level by improving both traffic flow and safety on the road.

lexus lane valet (EN)
Lexus: The Lane Valet

In the ad Lexus voiceover encourages us to ‘Imagine a world with Lane Valet, a semi-autonomus technology that can connect left lane vehicles obstructing the flow of traffic and do the drivers a cortesy of moving their vehicle for them, making the highway safer for everyone.’

In fact, the ad shows a man in the left lane driving on the highway in his red Lexus LC, in front of him he sees a driver in a slow moving vehicle. Fortunately, with the simple press of a ‘Lane Valet’ button on the dashboard of his car, the annoying vehicle has been pushed out of his way. Do you expect it to be true, right?

But Lane Valet is not a real option. It was done as an April Fools’ joke! However, I couldn’t miss the ad because it’s simply genius! It lets us ‘experience visionary thinking at full speed’ and ‘Experience Amazing’! 🙂

Watch the video below and share your views! 🙂


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22 thoughts on “Lexus introduces the ‘Lane Valet’ in its new TV Commercial.

  1. Il mio sogno è una macchina che si guida da sola …. con sensori che permettono di sentire le altre macchine …. meno stress, niente incidenti è una vita facile !

  2. I love thinking out of the box advertisements. And you always know how to find them! I love it. I think it’s really awesome to work on making the highways safer! Such a pity it’s an April’s Fools joke. A good one though haha. But it were true: It would be a really awesome idea. Let’s hope they can make it in the future. I watched the video and it looks great!

  3. Trovo che l’auto a sensori sia fantastica, soprattutto per le imbranatine come me. 😀 Ormai, l’industria automobilistica si sta sempre più evolvendo non solo per quanto riguarda la tecnologia, ma anche per quanto riguarda sicurezza che è molto importante.

  4. Fintanto che le novità migliorano la sicurezza è ok ma sono contrario all’automatizzazione di molti processi. Intendo dire che il bello di guidare un’auto è che tu la gestisci, sta lì il piacere!!! – P.

  5. This is indeed a funny commercial – it reminds of computer games. The problem is real though – people that don’t use the first lane…

  6. This is absolute genius thinking. It definitely is outaide the box…but do people use the first lane though?

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