Let people walk in their future.

Point. P, the number one building and decorating seller in France, has come up with innovative solution to help its consumers see their future architecture project, a Custom House.

The main difficulty before starting remodelling or renovating a house is to foresee the final result. And even catalogs are not of great help.

For Point. P it was time to come up with something groundbraking that changes the entire projection experience for the clients and forget about the old promotion methods to sell and promote their products in a new way.

They created with Havas 360, France the “Virtual Reality Custom House“, an interactive tool that allows consumers to walk around their future projects in real time before they come to life. The technology creates a sensation as if you’re at home.

Point. P Virtual Reality Custom House
Point. P Virtual Reality Custom House (via)

All you need to do is to put on a pair of Oculus Rift glasses, upload blueprints and see the inside of your home.

With the leap motion technology users can make changes to their project, for example, they can modify the terrace floor, the living room walls, the bathroom tiles, the shower stall or other items just using a simple movement of their hand.

Virtual Reality Custom House (via)

Moreover, to avoid unpleasant surprises that sometimes might happen when you see your project not as planned, the technology helps to remove errors and ensures consumers that they get their project exactly as they imagine it.


With this technology to make the right choice becomes much easier. Smart idea, isnt’it? 😉

24 thoughts on “Let people walk in their future.

  1. This is a really cool idea! I am the proud owner of a virtual reality set and every day I am searching more more apps that I can use with it. It would be very handy for re-decorating my flat.

  2. This is such a piece of technology! Love stuff like this. Catalogues don’t really do justice when it comes to seeing a final project, because I feel like it doesn’t actually end up that way at times.

  3. This is so cool. Gotta love technology. my husband wants to build a house from scartch so this would be perfect to have so we can see what the house would potentially look like.

  4. This idea is really amazing! I love the fact that you can show what it will look like and give people a real view of what they are looking at. I have never used them in real life though before but I hope to.

  5. This is a really interesting concept. It’s crazy how much technology is changing and I feel like this is going to evolve into something that is going to change everyone’s lives! Thanks for the post.

  6. And i thought they used the oculus rift only for video games. I posted an article on the different VR(Virtual reality) headsets a couple of weeks back. But this is out of the box thinking to give people a virtual view of their future houses.

  7. wow this sounds like a great idea. I recently saw on some video on virtual reality testing and it was great fun. Technology is everywhere and we are glad its improving our life in a great way

  8. This is such a cool idea! I’ve tried occulus rift myself at work and it was a really surreal experience. Glad to see they are using it for more than just video games!

  9. O wow this seems like a very cool idea. They keep coming with new things every now and then. Technology is really improving.

  10. This is so cool. do you know how it works with those with impaired vision? You know those that need glasses in order to see. Does it fit around glasses?

  11. virtual reality technology is fast becoming a powerful advertising tool and it’s awesome that they’ve innovated with this technology in a way that best complements their brand. I love the concept, my uncle is a building designer so it would be perfect for him to showcase the possible final products to his clients. Hopefully he can incorporate this technology

  12. How cool is this! I keep reading that virtual reality is becoming bigger and bigger .. and this is such a great way to put it to use. Thanks so much for sharing!

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