Knockin’ on your door.

You can hardly imagine what might happen to someone who knocks on the door. Let’s have a look.

People often get annoyed with someone for disturbing them trying to sell something. They find door-to-door salespeople very intrusive because they often try to pressure people to buy products they don’t want or can’t afford.

If you are fed up with door-to-door sellers and don’t want to be hassled at home, this video might seem funny.

In the video you can see sellers one by one coming up to someone’s dorstep. Aren’t feeling suspicious, they knock on a smart gargoyle door knocker. As soon as they start offering their products the door knocher suddenly gets revived. Sellers get shocked to hear it yelling.

Door knocker
Energy Online (via)

At the end of the video you realise that it is about a New Zealand energy company that shows the advantage of its online service to stop sending out door-to-door sallers to people’s home.

The company claims “Door knocking is so last century. So we got rid of them” and you can get a “great deals online, anytime.”


The video makes me laugh even if it seems a bit extreme.
Next time you should think twice if you want to knock on someone’s door 😉

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35 thoughts on “Knockin’ on your door.

  1. That’s hilarious! I watched it twice and showed it to my husband. I kinda wish I had a door knocker like that to scare off the people in my neighborhood.

  2. I’ve seen this ad so many times. I really find it entertaining! Lol. I feel bad of having to get rid of door to door sales people though.

  3. Wouldn’t it be so awesome to have that? It’s mean but sometimes, you just really don’t want someone knocking on your door especially when there are so many psychos in the world.

  4. I hate when the door bell rings only to find a stranger selling something and being pushy. I would love to voice the door stopper yelling at people. i’m glad that this company has realized that todays society does not wish to continue with this sales tatic

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