‘Just imagine’ the thrill of driving the new Jaguar F-TYPE

All eyes are on these breath-taking and stunning Jaguar ‘Just imagine’ ads. 🙂

Jaguar 'Just imagine'
Jaguar ‘Just imagine’

The power and agility, dynamism and speed, freedom and carefree attitude with the perfectly matching engine roar, beauty and character from every point of view gives you more reason to fall in love with the new Jaguar F-TYPE in the latest Jaguar ‘Just imagine‘ ad campaign.

To add fresh view to the brand and highlight the features of the X-TYPE sports car, British carmaker Jaguar has worked with director William Bartlett. This choice was not made by accident!

William Bartlett is the multi award-winning director and the creative force behind the opening credits for James Bond movies such as ‘Goldeneye,’ ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ and ‘Spectre.’ As you remember James Bond is known for his love of fashion, style and fast cars. Who knows, maybe, it’s time to change his iconic Aston Martin to the Jaguar X-TYPE?!  😉

The campaign focuses on a series of six 15-second ads combined with live action and computer-generated images showing the Jaguar X-TYPE features in different situations: racing alongside galloping horses, leaps off a ski jump to demonstrate the power of its 5.0-litre V8 R version and shows off its handling on a Hot Wheels-inspired track. You also can see its beautiful interior trim including the stitches and watch it posing like a star while a photographer is snapping images.

Can you ‘Just imagine’ that you are a driver of the new Jaguar F-TYPE feeling thrilled? 😉

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25 thoughts on “‘Just imagine’ the thrill of driving the new Jaguar F-TYPE

  1. It makes so much sense that Jaguar would work with the director behind the credits for James Bond films, they’re both such iconic British brands and share such a similar aesthetic, plus I’ve heard Mr Bond was partial to a Jag from time to time!

  2. Oh my. What a gorgeous looking car! If I could only afford it, I’d buy one in a heartbeat! It looks really sleek and the power of that engine is just amazing. A total dream car!

  3. Looks pretty. But for me it’s just impractical. I need space for dog crates, work equipment etc. My husband loves cars but for me practical over looks/performance.

  4. Semplicemente fantastica, un auto che ahime non è nella mia portata. Rimane per ora un sogno… poi chissĂ , a volte i sogni si avverano.

  5. Devo ammettere che non sono molto amante delle auto Ma questa mi piace molto il design la trovo davvero molto bello Si vede che una macchina scattante sportiva e di classe

  6. Non avendo la patente per me resterà un piccolo sogno però è molto carina, magari poterla avere per la famiglia.

  7. Gli spot delle automobili sono simpatici, io però non riesco a guidare quindi posso solo pensare a qualche anima pia che mi dà un passaggio

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