IKEA offers delicious recipes to try in the kitchen.

It comes to an interesting new idea of a well-known brand of furniture IKEA that turns kitchen into cooking ingredients.

The agency BBH Asia Pacific has created a 60″ commercial with the title “Recipes for delicious kitchens” for IKEA which shows making a kitchen as if it were a recipe for a meal.

This commercial is a metaphor: a ruler stick as if it were a bar of butter, cupboards like red meat, light bulbs like eggs. All these objects that make up the kitchen are the ingredients that are put together in a pan. So you can “cook” your kitchen regarding your personal tastes.

The video is fun and amazing but joking apart, do not try it at home!

To transform your kitchen into a modern and personalized space just use the new IKEA catalogue 2016 which helps you to bring all your fantasies in life. This catalogue reminds me of “IKEA cookbook.” Do you want to use? 😉

8 thoughts on “IKEA offers delicious recipes to try in the kitchen.

  1. Cute idea, but not really doing it for me. The end result of the kitchen all put together helped to pull it all together for me though. Ikea really does have interesting marketing!

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