IKEA introduces a playful billboard.

This month IKEA has launched an interactive billboard in the subway in its native country to encourage kids and adults to play more together.

Subway station Hötorget in Stockholm has recently turned into an ideal place for cool interactive digital billboards. Just remember the “Coke-moji” ad that recognises a facial expression of passersby and shows their emotions on the screen made by Coca-Cola. It was installed on the same station!

This time IKEA goes further, introducing a new version of a creative game to surprise and bring joy to morning commuters of Stockholm while waiting for their trains. Who of us can resist playing dominos on the interactive billboard? Personally, I think it’s not easy!


What interested me is that as soon as people touch the display, a row of dominos starts falling on the whole screen and then continues via a number of digital billboards in the subway station. It’s simply amazing!


This billboard was done to promote ‘LATTJO’, IKEA new play collection in a funny way. The name of the game wasn’t chosen casually, because LATTJO means fun in Swedish. By the way, we can see the message on the billboard “Have a LATTJO (fun) day!” (in Swedish “Ha en LATTJO dag!”) that invites passersby to join in and play.


The collection was born with the goal to inspire people to play more together, not depending on their ages.

“Play is a universal language, cross borders, cross generations. Through play we connect with each other and build relations – having fun at the same time. And it’s just as important for adults as for children. Research shows that the joy of doing something without a specific purpose, like playing, releases stress and fuel our creativity and imagination.”

Nicolas Cortolezzis,
LATTJO product developer

I find the idea of this billboard stunning because playing makes you feel great! 😉

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26 thoughts on “IKEA introduces a playful billboard.

  1. Oh! I love dominos. I could have endless endless fun with them.
    haha now I wanna go out and buy some. This is such a cool and fun idea especially for adhd minded people like me haha.
    Just what I need on the way to work. Why can’t they have cool things like this in my country? Sigh.

  2. I love things like this 🙂 They create such an air of community and make reasons for strangers to become friends! I think commuting can be pretty lonely – and I imagine this livens it up at least a bit…. to watch even for people who are too shy to play! Love Ikea 🙂

  3. What an awesome way to catch people’s attention. That’s really fun and I’m sure a lot of them were interested to follow the dominoes!

  4. AH, le trovate pubblicitarie di IKEA sono sempre così belle e creative che mi fanno sperare in un mondo migliore, in cui tutta la promozione userà la fantasia e meno gli stereotipi. Questa idea del gioco interattivo in metro è l’ennesima conferma della loro genialità! Non ne sapevo nulla, grazie per avercene parlato

  5. le campagne IKEA sono sempre le mie preferite a prescindere! IKEA è a mio avviso la riprova di come una buona pubblicità e una linea di marketing costnte, coerente e etica possa far amare un brand!

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