If mannequins could speak

Ted Baker – a British clothing retail company – has installed an interactive technology in Westfield store in London to make mannequins to communicate with consumers.



This technology is called VMBeacon (or beacon) and installed into each mannequin or visual merchandising product. It transmits information programmed via a web-portal. The VMBeacon was developed by Iconeme, a technology and design company and works with a Iconeme free app on mobile devices. To communicate with mannequin a consumer has to be within 50 metres inside or outside the store.

To use this technology and interact with mannequins you need to download Iconeme app for iOS and Android. After the access, the app invites users to view more detailed photos with product description on display including price and links to buy the items online or directly in the store. Moreover, it is possible to share the products, save looks to use later and to find special offers and rewards.

To make shopping experience of the consumer more effective, mannequins are available for 24 hours. So you can find necessary information at every moment and to shop online directly from the window with mannequins when the store is closed.

The VMBeacon was installed in some British stores such as House of Fraser’s Online Store ad Aberdeen, Hawes & Curtis in London and Bentalls in Kingston upon Thames.

This app is an excellent way to be in touch with clients, it enables to understand better their needs and desires, have feedback of the sales products and can help improve service and enlarged sales. And what do you think of this innovation? 🙂

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24 thoughts on “If mannequins could speak

  1. That is so interesting and maybe a little creepy to have a mannequin talk. We don’t have anything like that here but its so great how they are making shopping more interactive all the time.

  2. Whoa! For a while I thought the mannequins would talk to customers! Kidding aside, it’s a great marketing idea to further take money from customers! Nah, it’s also more like providing information customers need to make informed purchases.

  3. Great marketing idea! Reading this post I kept thinking of the film mannequin! Technology is huge at the moment, people are never off their smart phones so this would definitely be a money maker!

  4. How funny! The first thing that I thought of while reading this post was that old 1987 movie, “Mannequin,” about a mannequin that comes to life!

  5. They have something similar in Kings Cross Station as well it kind of made me jump at the bottom of the escalators. Except this one was to do with luggage and not Ted Baker.

  6. That is so cool! Such a fun way to shop! I always find such cute things on mannequins but I can never figure out where they are in the store so this would be awesome!

  7. Hey This looks really interesting and innovative. Mannequins have so much to tell. And if they can actually ‘tell’ what a difference it would mean to the world of fashion.

  8. This is quite an interesting concept. Interaction between store props and their customers. A new form of engagement. Will be interesting to see where it goes from there.

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