How well do you know those who live next door?

I think most of you know very little about your neighbours. Sometimes we rarely say ‘Hello’ and don’t even know their names. People prefer to gaze at their smartphones rather than talk to each other. Everyone is concerned about their own life. And thus, the idea of ‘The Nextdoor Hello’ was born! It all starts with a Nescafé!

Sometimes the closes people are the most distant.

All you needed is a chance to bring them closer.


Nescafé. The Next-door Hello
Nescafé. The Next-door Hello (via)

A famous coffee brand has recently launched ‘The Nextdoor Hello,’ a social experiment, developed by the advertising agency Publicis Italy, to encourage people to ‘get closer to those close to you’ – your neighbours.

The main participants of the experiment were not feeling suspicious residents of one of the apartment block in Milan. The idea is as follows: during the night coffee tables were installed on the balconies. When residents came out on their balconies next morning, they were amazed to see two red mugs, a jar of Nescafé and a pot filled with hot water on the table waiting for them to drink.

As we know well, the best conversations often happen over a cup of coffee! Not thinking twice, people start chatting and even making selfies!

This campaign proved that coffee is more than just a drink. Sometimes all we need to do is take the first step to bring people closer together.

Watch the video below and tell what you think about it! 🙂


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21 thoughts on “How well do you know those who live next door?

  1. What a really cool social experiment and idea! We live in South Korea currently and we are pretty sure our neighbors are scared of having strange looking foreigners next door though, haha! Our first apartment here people used to run when they’d see us coming, it was quite bizarre and made us feel uncomfortable!

  2. We don’t really know our neighbors very well. We are neighbors and are friendly but not really friends, except one family we are friends with. We used to know the neighbors more before we had kids.

  3. hahaah! another beautiful and utterly unique find Euge Nia unfortunately I live in the indian community and haha everyone knows everyone sigh. What a great marketing innovation though, bringing people together with a great image for the brand.

  4. What a brilliant ad! I love the idea of being closer together, that’s what Nescafe has always been about and it’s nice to see them think of ways to make that be more true to life.

  5. I haven’t talked to my neighbor for a while. I think it is great to know them and build a healthy neighborhood relationship.

  6. I have to admit I don’t know much about my neighbors. I’m far from being neighborly. I really value and protect my space and privacy.

  7. It is true that in modern day and age we become more and more close into our own lives. I love this campaign of Nescafe meeting the neighbors. Just reminded me it’s time to put the kettle on and make a little afternoon Nescafe cup :))

  8. Nice video. I am not a sociable person with my neighbors, my hubby is the one who are interacting with them. I’ll try my best to have some communication with them.

  9. Well, that looks refreshing. People nowadays tend to skip the part where you could have many advantages with knowing your neighbor. I love Nescafe products, I don’t think there’s a day that they weren’t involved with me.

  10. Great experiment! I lived in Milan for 5 years and actually most people of the same building hardly know each other! But when it comes to smart ideas even in Milan people start socializing.
    A personal insight: the challange maybe was, more that making stranher talk over a coffee, making Italian people drink soluble instant coffee 😉

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