How to make your day a bit special: welcome to the breakfast-in-bed-boat!

Mornings can be tough sometimes. When the alarm clock rings, the last thing you want to do is to leave your cozy warm bed. That’s why Quaker has recently invented the breakfast-in-bed-boat to make your mornings more enjoyable and this boat will even brings you straight to work!

How many times have you heard the phrase that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day so don’t skip it’. The expected response might be that it is hard enough getting out of bed in time in the morning, much less finding time to make breakfast! You often underestimate the value of breakfast and that’s a big mistake!

Quaker: Breakfast-in-bed-boat (via)

Even though, breakfast falls quite low on your list of priorities, it will takes just a few minutes to have a healthy and nutritious breakfast that can really make a difference to your day.

Countless studies have shown that breakfast is really a great way to start off the morning: it helps recharge your body’s batteries by providing you with necessary energy and nutrients you need to kick-off your day. Furthermore, it also can improve your memory and concentration levels and can help you manage your weight and boost your metabolism.

Therefore, the idea of the Breakfast-in-bed-boat was born. No more worries about being late for work due to traffic jams, missing your bus or skipping breakfast. Now you can stay in bed and enjoy your breakfast while going to work, completely relaxed. ⚓️🚣🍴


Would you like to float in the Quaker Oatmeal breakfast-in-bed-boat right to work? 😉

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51 thoughts on “How to make your day a bit special: welcome to the breakfast-in-bed-boat!

  1. Is it REAL? I mean, do they REALLY di it? In my riverless town this could be quite difficult but i immagine a bus offering you breakfast would be such a good idea both t promote public transport And good eating habits!

  2. hahahah! Omg this is like the coolest things ever. This totally speaks to the king of procrastination and laziness inside me. I would totally love to take a boat ride stroll to work while eating a gourmet breakfast. BEST mornings ever for the person who isn’t a morning person

  3. Non avevo idea che potesse esistere qualcosa di simile! E’ una idea meravigliosa per qualche appuntamento fuori dagli schemi con la propria metà!

  4. This is a fantastic idea! It’s too easy to skip a proper breakfast but having it in a boat while strolling towards work place or any other destination sounds absolutely great!

  5. Mi fa pensare a quanto sarebbe utile una campagna simile per sensibilizzare all’uso dei mezzi pubblici anche nelle città in cui non ci solo fiumi: tu prendi il bus e noi ti offriamo la colazione (sana) a bordo 🙂

  6. Davvero non pensavo esistesse una cosa simile! Non so se mi potrebbe piacere il fatto di andare direttamente al lavoro, però se mi portasse a fare un giretto di shopping allora sì, non avrei dubbi a saltarci subito sù!

  7. omg! that is such a great idea! I would eat every meal there if they allow me. It could be a great birthday or anniversary gift 🙂 I would love to experience it

  8. LOL! I don’t think I would like to be “floated” my way to work, but it sure was fun to watch! But I agree, breakfast is such an important meal – I can’t function without eating!

  9. That is quite innovative thinking. If you are the business owner, how do you get the customer to leave? It may be too relaxing. You will never be late if you call out sick.

  10. Wow ! What a great idea. I wish they had it here in Chicago. I would definitely participate. I should probably take the time to do this for someone in my family. Hmm….

    Ola |

  11. Meravigliosa e romantica quest’idea a basso impatto ambientale applicata alla prima colazione e al momento più tragico della giornata…….. con un mezzo del genere viene quasi voglia di uscire di casa per andare al lavoro…….

  12. Idea davvero originale, non ne conoscevo l’esistenza! Sabrina propone di esportare il progetto in città senza fiume (o nelle parti di città troppo lontane da un fiume), io invece propongo di estendere il progetto anche al pranzo, ma soprattutto alla cena. Tra l’altro oggi è San Valentino, ti immagini come sarebbe una cena per due, attraversando Parigi su una barca lungo la Senna??

  13. Its an interesting marketing move on Quaker oats part, they seem to be linking a European vacation style image with eating their oats…which I doubt will help them juice their sales.

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