Come migliorare la vostra postura in tempo reale

Microsoft, famosa azienda tecnologica americana, ha trovato un modo geniale per attirare l’attenzione della gente per la loro postura. Lo scanner della postura in tempo reale è stata la soluzione ideale! Si può vederlo a Stoccolma!

Più mobile gadget abbiamo più cerchiamo di portarli. Il fatto è che ci portiamo troppi dispositivi, come ad esempio i laptop ingombranti e pesanti su base giornaliera e anche loro portiamo in modo sbagliato che ci porta poi al mal di schiena e a torcicollo. Si tratta di un problema crescente che potrebbe anche essere chiamata una malattia endemica.

Ecco perché nel quartiere degli affari di Stoccolma, Microsoft con l’agenzia JWM hanno recentemente installato un cartellone digitale con uno scanner della postura in tempo reale e una fotocamera Kinect che automaticamente analizza e corretta la postura della gente. L’iniziativa è stata quella di indurre le persone a fermarsi e riflettere e dare loro i consigli e suggerimenti su come portare le loro borse in maniera corretta e leggera. In più, come opzione alternativa è possibile sostituire il vostro portatile con Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – un potente laptop e un tablet in un unico dispositivo versatile, con un peso di meno di 800 grammi!

La tecnologia non cessa mai di stupirmi e non vedo l’ora di vedere la prossima innovazione tecnologica! E voi che ne pensate? 😉


Altro sulla tecnologia

Altro su billboard

49 thoughts on “Come migliorare la vostra postura in tempo reale

  1. This is a brilliant idea. I carry all the time my laptop with me and I know my posture is suffering because of it. That’s where my back problems are coming from also. We should take more care about our back and posture.

  2. Amazing way to incorporate a product that you’re endorsing! Good job, Microsoft. It’s important to be aware of your posture because it’s difficult to have health issues concerning your posture/bones. Really!

  3. I have a titanium cage in my back because of a major injury I had when I was younger. I would be curious to see how this device would react to my posture. I might blow up the machine 😉

  4. This has always been a problem for me. I even go to a chiro! Tho he tells me correcting my posture is really more of a ME responsibility lol. Technology IS amazing.

  5. I think it’s scary how many harmful things people do to their bodies and not realize them. That scanner is a great idea to make people aware.

  6. My mum is always complaining about my posture so I can’t let her know that a machine like this exists xD Seems like a pretty handy tool though!

  7. When I think about posture, I think about walking around with books on my head lol! Such a great idea, my posture was dreadful, slouching really isn’t good for your body.

  8. I have to admit that I have a terrible psoture but of course, I want to improve as much as I can. Technology has been really amazing in providing solutions even in the least noticed problems by the people. Actually, I am planning to get a Microsoft Surface pro 4 for a convenient use in traveling and working.

  9. WOW! What an incredible initiative by Microsoft! They should install similar scanner everywhere to improve the posture of everyone!

  10. This billboard is a great way to promote the Microsoft Surface pro 4 and a great way to correct peoples posture. I would love to use this machine just for the tips in the right way to carry things etc for sure.

  11. Such a wonderful idea, which could help many like me. I am pretty much sure that my posture is not at its best as I am work from home mom with 2 small kids staying restless almost every day. The posture scanner from Microsoft looks great & I love that it is light weight as well.

  12. The corporate world where people spend most of their time sitting infront of machines this sounds like a great initiation to make people aware of the problems.

  13. Fantastic! That’s so important to take care of posture and finally acompany which really knows this issue has taken a step to do something to improve this growing problem.

  14. HA the first part of the video has blown my mind, wearing your bag on one side is a mistake I’ve done. Also really great that the society and of course Microsoft acknowledged this posture problem among people and work towards fixing it.

  15. Euge nia this is amazing, come to think of it, we all forget about things like his due to our ever busy lifestyles that we forget to look after our posture. Great read.

  16. This is a very good read. We often skip how our postures are supposed to be. But I think Its very important to take a note of it for the safety of the spinal cord and to avoid other problems which might develop out of it.

  17. Ottima idea dal momento che i problemi di pistura spesso causati dal costante uso di laptop, smartphones, tablet ecc. Vengono sottovalutati. Io ne so qualcosa… La mia cervicale causata dal telefonino avrebbe bisogno di questo scanner

  18. Now that you mentioned this I realize, that my back pain could be as a result of carrying my laptop to work daily,and I like that Microsoft is being innovative, this is a great way to market their surface pro4 and also help people. Thanks.

  19. I love this idea of Microsoft. It would definitely get my attention. And if I would walk by it, I would love t o try it out. I think the billboard with realtime posture scanner is very good for awareness. And it’s a fun way to do it.

  20. My posture -NOT SO GOOD, but I think my standing desk helps me improve it, although if a posture “expert” were standing behind me right now, they might not agree, LOL!

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