How to get rid of bad roads in the city?

P4 Ogilvy&Mather, Panama knows how to solve the problem of demaged roads and attract attention of local authorities.

Bad roads in the cities are very common and have become almost the norm. There is a huge contradiction of having super modern buildings, surrounded by roads with bad potholes.

Holes in the surface of a road make driving difficult or dangerous. You can often see drivers swerving to avoid the potholes and it doesn’t seem amusing. It often causes road accidents and car damages.

P4 Ogilvy&Mather with TV station Medcom in Panama have found a great solution. In particular, a device was installed inside potholes on the busiest streets of Panama. Every time it is run over by a vehicle this device sends a complaint tweet directly to the twitter account of the Department of Public Works.

Medcom released a special issue “The Tweeted Pothole” in Panama’s most influencial news show. They interviewed drivers to find out their opinion.

After a lot of complaints in Twitter the problem was taken into consideration. They achieved a good result. Potholes started disappearing.


Therefore people should be active to make authorities do what they obliged to do. 😉

9 thoughts on “How to get rid of bad roads in the city?

  1. This is such a great concept. I know that back home in Bulgaria the roads are a major problem!!
    I remember in previous years, people used to put politician’s portraits in the holes to get their attention.
    Love the Twitter hashtag complains idea though :))

  2. Wow! Trust technology to solve the pothole problem. I think it will take more than an app to solve the potholes in Ireland however. I think it will take a flipping miracle. Ha ha!

  3. Lol that’s awesome, the government needs to understand the struggles of the everyday man/woman and this might be a great way to get it across

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