How about running on a treadmill in the cinema?

Usually people go to the cinema to relax, but Reebok makes them “Run the Movie” to watch the film. Let’s see.

Imagine you’re at the cinema, relaxed, with large containers of popcorn and ready to watch the film. Suddenly it stops and begins to buffer. Spotlights light up in front of the screen on the treadmills with Reebok running shoes nearby and point at randomly selected moviegoers.

Reebok Run the Movie
Reebok Run the Movie

Once they begin running on the treadmills, the movie keep on going. The faster they run the more quickly the movie continues.

Take notice that the movie is going just while people keep running and a buffer appears on the screen again when the treadmills are empty.

At the end all participants have been given a new pair of Reebok ZPump shoes.

The campaign, titled “Run the Movie” was done by the South Korean ad agency Innored for Reebok to promote ZPump Reebok shoe and also to provide people with healthy life style and keep them fit.

This method might seem too extreme in comparison with their previos Get moving, get pumped campaign in subway, but I like the way the Reebok do to brake people’s routine and never stop surprising us. 🙂

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27 thoughts on “How about running on a treadmill in the cinema?

  1. That’s really unique. The people who participated are good sports. I would not have wanted one persons running to effect a whole cinema full of people. Great idea to grab peoples attention though, and for a free pair of shoes?? I’d do it!!

  2. Unique Idea Eugenia, But doesn’t seems to be successful in our part of the world where the people are literally snoozing in the middle.

  3. That is a very interesting concept. Being an asthmatic, I wouldn’t enjoy having to run in order to watch a movie. I would pass out after just a few minutes! lol

  4. Oh wow! Non avevo mai sentito parlare di questa campagna pubblicitaria ! A me non dispiacerebbe fare un po’ di sport quando guardo un film (magari a casa) 😉
    Infatti Reebook ha fatto forte questa volta!!

  5. This is so funny! I really enjoyed it, although I would never do it as I hate running 😀 But I would love to watch others doing it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. At first, I thought it was a good idea. But then I realized I do not want my movie to be interrupted. But looks like these guys took home new rebook shoes for free, so okay count me in!!!!

  7. That’s so awesome. I wish they would have done this while I was living there because I would have totally volunteered to “run the movie.”

  8. Bwwwwwaahaha this made me laugh so much! How frickkin epic is that?! damn this needs to get to my country ASAP!!
    Seriously Eugenia it baffles me how you find these things. But they are some of the best reads around. I adore reading your posts.

  9. Oh mamma… per me sarebbe un incubo, ma davvero questa campagna sta avendo successo? Oddio, io sono una pigra cronica e facilmente soggetta ad ansia… lì sul tapis roulant morirei o per affaticamento o per stress 😀
    C’è di buono che i pubblicitari di Reebok sono sempre molto “rivoluzionari” e mai banali. Rischiano, e per un creativo è quasi tutto.

  10. Mai sentita una cosa simile, non credevo potesse esistere… che forza ! Un’ottima motivazione per allenarsi e farlo con legerezza!

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