Have you heard of Ticket Books that work as subway tickets?

Brazilian pocket book publisher L&PM created a collection of Ticket Books that doubled as free subway tickets to get people read more.

People are always busy, they are always in a hurry and they can hardly find any time to read. Unless they read on the way.

To celebrate World Book Day and encourage people to read more, Brazilian pocket book publisher L&PM with agency Africa in partnership with ViaQuatro Metro come up with a brilliant initiative. They created the Ticket Books, a collection of pocket books that works as subway tickets, that were distributed free on the subway in Sao Paolo.

Ticket Books
Ticket Books (via)

To get access to the subway you need to place the book on the turnstile’s scanner. The book covers have a built-in RFID card with technology equivalent to the Single Ticket, making Ticket Books rechargeable.

Each copy can be charged with 10 free trips that gives readers enough time to enjoy reading. After you’ve finished the book you can recharge it online and pass on to a friend.

Ticket Books (via)

The book hasn’t expiration date and can be recharged whenever you want and you can have as many tickets as you wish. All you have to do is just to pay for a ticket.

There are 10 different books. You can choose novels, poems, detective fictions or cartoons that are listed on their website.

Ticket Books
Ticket Books (via)

The covers of the books are very eye-catching. They were created specifically for the project and inspired by subway maps from all over the world.


Nowadays people read less and it’s getting hard to inspire them to read books. Companies have to create something really outstanding to motivate them.

In my opinion the initiative of the Ticket Books is very useful and can attract many people. Hope it achieves a great result and expands to other cities.


8 thoughts on “Have you heard of Ticket Books that work as subway tickets?

  1. This sounds like a great idea. I know that anytime I get ticket books like this I am always reading the pages. I have found some interesting stuff in those little books like that.

  2. I think this is a great idea. I don’t live anywhere near a subway here in the states, hopefully this idea will catch on and happen here in the bigger cities.

  3. There will always be booklovers like me out there who will never ever stop reading but I love this concept idea to get more people to read. Plus the design is so cool and stylish, I would get this in a heartbeat

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