Have you ever thought what goes into Burberry cashmere scarves?

It’s hard to imagine how much work and soul is needed to create them. For deeper understanding British fashion house Burberry has released a two minute video that reveals a behind-the-scenes of the production process of their iconic cashmere scarves.

The video starts with a spectacular view where lowlands meet the highlands that you can often see in the pictures in the postcards. The gentler landscapes give way to the majestic beauty of sparkling lochs, towering mountains and ancient pine forests.

So it’s getting clear that it comes to Burberry Made in ScotlandScarf barcampaign.

Burberry “Scarf Bar” (via)

Then the video takes viewers to watch the whole production process of the Burbery scarves from the beginning to ready -made scarf with Burberry tag on it.

You can see that the process begins with raw cashmere, the finest and highest quality cashmere that is shipped to the mills. It is dyed from its natural white to over 30 colours, spun to get perfect weight and strength and then is woven on traditional looms in Scotland. The cashmere is brushed by natural teasels, washed in local “fresh Scottish waters” which is the softest water in the world and is made by using artisanal techniques.

burberry 2
Burberry “Scarf Bar” (via)

Moreover, the video illustrates the viewers that cashmere is also carefully finished and checked for quality by hand that adds individual and unique design to each scarf.

The ready-to-wear scarves are available online and in-store and completely personalised according to your own wish with up to three initials in over 30 thread colours.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that in the video Burberry doesn’t advertise its product but provides consumers with the whole design process that enables to penetrate into fascinating atmosphere of the nature and creativity. Now it explains why is worth a fortune!

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15 thoughts on “Have you ever thought what goes into Burberry cashmere scarves?

  1. Oh goodness i never knew how much work and attention to detail went in to making those scraves! Thanks for sharing now i want one of my own!

  2. Tantissimi Capi in cashemire costano molto proprio per il prodotto perché è lavorato con macchinari delicati e perché la materia prima è pregiata….
    amo burberry e ne ho uno color classica!

  3. Interessante scoprire come viene prodotta questa sciarpa ( che non è una qualunque). Adesso, ho capito il perché certi marchi famosi costano come l’oro e se li possono permettere in pochi. Comunque, ci sono anche le imitazioni ma con la qualità di quelle originali, non c’è competizione

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