Have you ever heard of Shadow WiFi?

It is a WiFi that works when you’re in the shade to help prevent skin cancer. You can see it at the beach in Peru.

Skin Cancer is considered to be one of the most dangerous and fast growing form of cancer. More than one million people suffer skin cancers every year.

In the summer people like having sunbathe and often don’t realize that ultraviolet (UV) rays are very harmful. The best way to reduce a risk of this desease is to avoid long exposure to intense sunlight and practice sun safety.

Shadow WiFi (via)

Agency Happiness Brussels has come up with an interesting solution aiming to prevent skin cancer. Instead of just warning people about the dangers of UV rays, the agency in collaboration with the Peruvian League Against Cancer (Liga Contra el Cánce) have installed a Shadow WiFi System. It has been set up on Playa Agua Dulce in Peru.


A large blue structure attracts people’s attention offering a free WiFi access that is available when people are in the shade. A sensor tracks the movements of the sun during the day changing the rotation of the Wi-Fi antenna. When the shadow moves people on the beach have to follow to stay connected.

To get connected you have to register on a web page that provides all the prevention information about the dangers of skin cancer and too much exposure to the sun, encouraging people to take care of their health.

Shadow WiFi

The Shadow WiF is expected to be installed in San Francisco and New Zealand soon, hoping that one day it becomes a truly global network of skin care preventing.

In my opinion this campaign to raise awareness of skin cancers is very useful and can meet a positive feedback. People should pay more attention to their health and take care of yourselfs.

28 thoughts on “Have you ever heard of Shadow WiFi?

  1. They did one of these somewhere else last year. I think it’s a really neat idea. Even if it’s only temporary, it will get people thinking about being safer in the sun.

  2. What a great idea!! I live in Phoenix, AZ. We have sun 350 days out of the year. One can always tell a local from a tourist because we are not tanned. Skin cancer is a real problem here, an we don’t even have a beach!

  3. Interesting idea, skin care is something we often forget about, im sure this idea will make people be more conscious about the sun and what it can do to your skin.

  4. That’s a great way to raise awareness about skin cancer. The sun’s been extra harmful lately and this is perfect for people who spend most of their time soaking up the sun in the beach.

  5. This is such a brilliant idea and that I’ve never heard of, probably due to the fact I live in the U.K. And there is never any need for shade. It’s also good that it is raising awareness for skin cancer, such a serious issue that affects many people! Thank you for writing about this! X

  6. That is a pretty new but definitely cool idea. It really sounds interesting from my point of view. What a way to spread awareness about skin cancer!

  7. I have mixed feelings about this. Of course, I want people to lower their risk of getting skin cancer. However, I am not okay with people being on their phones so much. When I am at the beach it is a time for me to unwind & relax. Plus I don’t want sand in my iPhone. Bring sunscreen & an umbrella & call it a day

  8. Such a great idea, I know a lot of people will benefit from it because skin cancer is on an all time high!

  9. It sounds like a really cool idea and I am sure lots of people will use it however for me going to the beach is about getting away from technology and daily life stresses… why would you want wifi? As I said that is just me, I am sure lots of people will love this

  10. Oooooookay this is super cool….such an innovative idea. The fact is many persons are still not paying enough attention to how the sun can affect their skin and this is a great way to bring awareness

  11. LMAO! this is a real thing? wifi that works in the shadow, how quirky of an idea wow. i’ll settle for free wifi all the time lol. but this is great for prevention of any cancer.

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