Have you already created #SocialSalad?

It’s the Bonduelle Italy’s first salad mix made by consumers from its web community.

The era of the passive consumers is over. Today’s consumers are active participants and active co-creators of products and service models. They enjoy being constantly involved in the activities of their favorite brands. In this case digital technologies and social media enable them to engage with brands in more unique ways than ever before.

Thus the #SocialSalad, an initiative launched recently by Bonduelle Italy and created in collaboration with its consumers was born.

The idea is as follows: Bonduelle Italy invites its Facebook fans to create their own favorite salad mix based on their tastes. Every four months consumers have to choose the ingredient they like most to match it with a basic salad proposals from Bonduelle and then vote it on the Bonduelle Facebook page and on its website. After the announcement of the salad combination winner the brand puts it on sale in supermarkets that will be available for 4 months.

Bonduelle Italy #Socialsalad
Bonduelle Italy #Socialsalad (via)

The first #Socialsalad winner is a mix of ‘lamb’s lettuce, chicory leaves and black olives!’ Good choice, isnt’it? You can see it on the shelves of your supermarket since November 4th.

What is more, I was impressed to see the packaging full of references related to social network and the hashtag in the name of the #Socialsalad campaign that shows directly the real involvement of social network audience in the realization of the project! Great!

Bonduelle Italy #Socialsalad (via)
Bonduelle Italy #Socialsalad (via)

If you like the idea, you can create the next #Socialsalad starting from February. 😉

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10 thoughts on “Have you already created #SocialSalad?

  1. This is such a great idea. It is good to see that there are companies who look after their consumer’s need and preference.

  2. What a cool concept. I’m sure the peeps participating had Mad Fun doing their #SocialSalad
    Congratz to the winner & once again Eugenia, thank you for sharing the coolest news from around the globe. I love tuning into your blog to she what you’ve discovered next. haha

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