Have a safe trip with Samso’Wrap!

Samsonite, one of the most well-known travel luggage brand, created its new advertising campaign with a clear message – travel across the globe!

While travelling by plane you might face unpleasant situation with your luggage. It’s not a secret that lost, misplaced or damaged luggage can easily ruin your vacation. That’s why the luggage wrapping service at the airport is so successful. People who have once lost their confidence to get their luggage safe after arriving at their destination often use a plastic wrapping protection service before checking in.

Samsonite. I wish I had a Samsonite (via)
Samsonite. I wish I had a Samsonite (via)

So Samsonite, known for making the strongest, lightest and more secure luggage in the world, has recently launched its newest Ambient Marketing campaign with the help of its new luggage service – Samso’Wrap.

Taking this into account, Samsonite by partnering with ad agency Publicis Conseil, have created a genius way to promote its travel products. They decided to offer this useful service to people who aren’t Samsonite clients – absolutely for free! But on one condition: passengers had to permit to paste stickers with a message ‘I wish I had a Samsonite’ on their bags.

No wonder, many people agreed to get this free service and almost 1,200 bags were wrapped spreading Samsonite message to more than 120 destinations around the world! It was a win win situation! 🙂

Watch the video and have a safe trip! ✈️✈️✈️


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36 thoughts on “Have a safe trip with Samso’Wrap!

  1. Every travelers must have Samsonite luggage. Security that matters and we are confident for the safety of our things

  2. You can always rely on Samsonite to keep your stuff safe. This is such an awesome and useful product! A lot of travellers coukd use something like this.

  3. I have Samsonite. I’ve had one for 4years and I just bought a new one last year cause i needed a different colour. This is the best investment ever for a travel soul

  4. I’ve heard so many good things about the Samsonite suitcases and I think I need one… or two.
    The wrapping campaign is a really smart one! Love the idea behind it and the realisation :))

  5. It’s true, to protect and secure our luggage inside and outside it’s necessary to wrap the luggage. Samso’Wrap, is a clever advertising from Samsonite. It looks fun, too.

  6. I thought about trying the wrap in South Africa once, but this seems like a good idea. I’ll keep Samsonite in mind when I need new luggage!

  7. Idea interessante, ma credo che più che per diffondere il marchio (samsonite ha campagna visual grandi e costose) possa essere stato un modo per creare affezione e fidelizzazione con una potenziale nuova utenza.

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