Haamble, is a first urban social network Made in Italy.

Haamble has appeared as an innovative app Made in Italy that combines a social network and interpersonal relationship.

Haamble is an alternative app, free to use and actually is a startup project. It could be defined as community that allows to meet new people, make friends and share views using places of interests. That is what that its slogan tells “ Where places become people”.

In our technological world full of various mobile apps it is not easy to develop something new and interesting, different from competitors. To find new solutions is necessary to have a brilliant idea.

So Haamble is a social network that doesn’t looke like the others. It is the first social network that enables to find new places around you in that very moment and to be in touch with your users, to see who they are and what they have in common. With geolocation, your position is visible in a radar that finds places of interests and people at that moment.



At first sight this idea seems the same as Foursquare, a network that uses a geolocation, but at the same time Haamble offers something more: a possibility to chat in real time with people who can make comments about places and say if it is worth visiting them or not, or you could meet new people that share interests and make friends.

Moreover, with Haamble it is possible to earn credits to increase visibility for your posts, sharing places that you like and inviting people to use this app.

To use Haamble you have to sign up or make a connection with Facebook or email. Furthermore, to enter you need to insert your mobile phone number, choosing a country where you live, after that a code appeares to insert it to complete an access. After having made an access you have to fill in a personal profile with your photo and interests.

At this moment Haamble is available in Italy and compatible with the Italian language. However, it can be downloaded just for iOS, but soon it will be available for Android and Windows Mobile. The app is easy to use and has an attractive appeal.

In my opinion this project has a great potential, mainly if it could be translated in variety of foreign languages, until it achieves a large target audience. So good luck!

28 thoughts on “Haamble, is a first urban social network Made in Italy.

  1. This seems to be a cool app! So many times I’ve gone to a venue or event only to find it’s in no way near what I thought it would be. I hate wasting my time!

  2. This sounds like a great app. It reminds me of Swarm & Foursquare only this shows the people in the area. Chatting in real time sounds nice as one would be able to get more feedback if there’s something that another user would want to know more about.

  3. this sounds like it could be really interesting but i wonder if there are people like me who are so tired of new apps like this? Facebook, twitter and instagram keep me plenty busy and i cannot imagine abandoning those but they are so time consuming that i cannot consider joining another

  4. I can see how the live connection would be of use or enjoyable to a lot of people. Personally I don’t have time to ‘live’ with friends, family and work folk. but if I had the time I might consider it. Now if downloading the app came with a trip to Italy I would be all over it.

  5. Love the slogan, “ Where places become people”.
    Havent used foursqaure yet but this haamble app sounds brilliant. Can’t believe its the first urban social network made in italy though.

    I’m really enjoying apps that use geolocation recently, so this will be a great addition to my collection.

  6. Never heard of this, but no wonder if it’s only in Italian. Sounds cool and would be a great tool worldwide in English. I love it when new inventions are created.

  7. this is a very interesting platform … Nowadays, there were so many different social network platforms that are bein launched in the market today. each offers interesting features and I find it hard to select one actually haha.. I’m not from Italy so this app may not be applicable to me but I’m sure you guys can find many ways to utilize this new app

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