Gillette focuses on sport for Rio 2016 campaign.

While waiting for the Olympic opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro, Gillette has launched the three-minute ‘Perfect Isn’t Pretty’ film to reveal the harsh reality that athletes face during preparation periods for the Olympics.

Seems a bit weird from the world’s leading male grooming brand, doesn’t it? You can mistake it for famous sport brand ads. The main concept of Gillette is as follows: as athletes aim to become excellent at their sport so Gillette aims to create the best razor in the world!

“Whether you’re perfecting blades or chasing Olympic gold, the best a man can get is not always pretty. But it’s always worth the chase.”

– Gillette

When you watch the Olympics, you get impressed with how fit and well-trained athletes are. Seems everything is possible for them. But you don’t realize the real price of their success.

Gillette. Perfect isn’t pretty
Gillette. Perfect isn’t pretty (via)

So Gillette and Grey New York give you the opportunity to see what goes into athletes while preparing for the Olympic Games: the spot features the Brazilian football star Neymar Jr., American decathlete Ashton Eaton, Chinese swimmer Ning Zetao and English cyclist Andy Tennant.

We can see that the road to victory is not easy. A lot of hard work, challenges of intensive training and sacrifice go towards achieving the goal of competing in the Olympics. To succeed they have to be driven to improve every day. They must have the burning desire to do whatever it takes to reach their goals. They need to be confident in themselves and believe that they’re winners.

Pretty isn’t perfect, they told me I was worthless
Had to dig deeper with my cleats at the surface
Way more than physical, this is soul-searching
Pain from the pressure to perform equals purpose
No sympathy, nervous energy
Second place, one second don’t remember me
I’m not stopping ’til the end
Got the sun on my face and my back is to the wind, yeah
What don’t kill you only makes you stronger, yes
The road to glory takes a little longer, yes

– Pusha T

To help you get in the mood for the upcoming Olympic opening ceremony the soundtrack to the Gillette film was released. This soundtrack is a new remix of Sia’s ‘Unstoppable’ created by Grammy-winning producer Ariel Rechshaid featuring rapper Pusha T and percussion from Brazilian marching band Olodum. This remix has become the official anthem for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

To my mind, the Gillette campaign featuring the Olimpics athletes is brilliant! Most of us will never compete in the Olympic Games, but we all have something to learn from them. They motivate and inspire us to do our best to achieve our own goals and make our dreams come true!

Whatch the video below and share your views!🏅🏅🏅


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91 thoughts on “Gillette focuses on sport for Rio 2016 campaign.

  1. I can’t wait for the Olympics! Gillette did great with their ad campaign, it’s inspiring and motivating and you get a better view of what life is like for the athletes who are competing. Such a moving video!

  2. That so true that we look at athletes (and celebs) who look amazing on screen and forget how much effort went into achieving what they have. Way to go Gilette!

  3. Excellent article! I honestly agree that they motivate and inspire us to do our best to achieve our own goals and make our dreams come true!

  4. an ad like this has every ingredient to motivate andminspire all the athletes at the games hopefully they all do well.

  5. I am not into sports but my hubby does. I will share this to him and I am so sure he will like this, he is using Gillette products as well.

  6. They have amazing PR team! Absolutely love the idea marketing-wise. And then it’s true that people often don’t realize how much you sacrifice as a pro sportsperson – not only your body, but your soul, social life, mental health.

  7. These athletes have exerted so much effort just to reach their goal and being part of the Olympics is definitely a kind of milestone for them.. i love the message of the video as we were given a chance to see the story behind every athletes and what motivates and inspires them to continue. I didn’t know Sia sang the official song of Olympics this year! Cool

  8. Great campaign. It’s always great to see a behind the scenes look at the amazing sacrifices and efforts these Olympians do to get to the Olympics and win.

  9. This is bringing me some great memories from the Olympic games in London 4 years ago when I lived 5 minutes walking distance from the Olympic stadium.
    Gillete have created a very cool campaign!

  10. I am not really a sports person so I may not be very familiar with the technicalities of the event.But I must say the hype about the rio has made me interested in the event and i would love to see it at least on TV.

  11. I am waiting for the Olympics. With this video, it is quite visible how much hard work and effort each participant put to get into the games. The company surely has a great PR/Corp Comm team.

  12. The work ethic and focus these athletes have is incredible. They train for years to get to the Olympics. What an awesome feeling they must get once they get there!

  13. I am not a very sporty type..but the Olympics….That is Special 🙂 There is something deep in my heart, a sparkle which becoming a flame when I’m rooting for the best of my nation! They Make Us Proud & Get Us Closer!

  14. I’m so excited about the Olympics this year, we don’t have that campaign here in NZ, but the video is great! Thanks

  15. Can’t wait to watch the Olympics this year! One medal cost so much effort and preparation of not the only athlete but so many people associated with him/her in making of the athlete!

  16. Gillette was always a supporter of sports and as long as I know it, their ads focused on different sportsmen. I like that they focus on storytelling, creating awareness about the sacrifices athletes do in order to be the best.

  17. The commercial has such a powerful message. To become great (sportsman or anything else) you need dedication and to survive the good, the bad and the ugly. Inspirational quotes won’t get you success, working your ass off will!

  18. Sul monso delle olimpiadi non si dice mai abbastanza! è bello che una campagna sia riuscita o almeno provi a raccontare la parte meno “glamour” dello sport, fatto di sacrifici e per nulla alla portata di tutti e tutte. Grazie per il tuo post

  19. The Olympians work very hard to achieve their goals to become the best. They are an inspiration to us all and Gillette did indeed do a great job choosing the Olympians to show us what it takes to achieve our goals. Thanks for sharing this awesome campaign and this inspiring video.

    1. I understand your point of view, it’s not a traditional spot by Gillette that we are used to watch. But it helps us to get a better understanding of how things work and what goes into preparation for the Olympic Games

  20. I can’t even imagine the amount of work Olympic Athletes go through. They are amazing as they spend their whole lives preparing and disciplining themselves for it.

  21. Love this video because it’s so real. We don’t see what goes on with these athletes before the Olympics. The dedication, sacrifices and determination is incredible. This is a great reminder. much respect to all the athletes. They are amazing. They’re all winners in my eyes! Thx for sharing this awesome post!

  22. I think Gillette products are good coz my meticulous bf is using them.. hahaha. I’m also excited for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

  23. It would be nice if the video told us not just the athlete’s names but also their country. I have always shaved with Gillette. It is a little more expensive but for good reason I think.

    1. I understand you, Jon, but these are the world’s well-known and recognizable athletes, so it is not necessary to tell their country in the spot. However, to clarify this I wrote that the spot features the Brazilian football star Neymar Jr., American decathlete Ashton Eaton, Chinese swimmer Ning Zetao and English cyclist Andy Tennant. Hope you’ll find it helpful 🙂

      Glad you like Gillette as a brand 🙂

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