Fonte Nova Bookstore is interested in arousing your greatest emotions.

Fonte Nova Bookstore in Brazil encourages people to read through entertaining illustrations.

Nowadays people read less. They prefer watching television, surfing the internet, talking on cellphones or read only specific educational literature to get new information for their jobs or study. Moreover, people tend to read little rather than try to concentrate on the content.

Have you ever considered why reading books is important.

Thought provoking reading is essential. In books people often find a reflection of what is happening in soul or in life. Due to books readers educate themselves, compare their own behaviour and views with book characters, looking for ideals. Reading learns to think critically asking questions such as What do I live for? Who am I? How has the world been organized? People begin to understand themselves, trying to sort out their feelings and actions and learn to understand better other people. It also enriches the vocabulary, expand horizons, developes imagination and your creative side.

Reading also enriches emotionally and “arouses your greatest emotions”, as Fonte Nova Bookstore in Brazil tells in its new ads.

It’s not easy to create ads for books or bookstores in an unusual way. It is a great opportunity for ad agencies to stimulate their creativity more. Each ad should be unique. It’s not enough to show the benefits of the product.

The concept offered by Brasilian agency CCZ for Fonte Nova Bookstore is worth considering and deserves attention.

In particular, series of interesting print ads were developed in which you need to pay attention to a colorful pupil looking at the sky and eyelash in a shape of huge tsunami waves.

Tsunami, 1 (via)
Tsunami, 2 (via)

I think they have been chosen on purpose. In different cultures and societies an eye is considered to be a symbol of knowledge, providence, and divine direction and is also associated with the light and the spiritual capacity to contemplate with huge magical powers. The sky is viewed as a symbol for vastness or limitlessness with knowledges and tsunami wawe represents our emotions and feelings.

What is more, in every ads you can see a bookmark, that turns us to the main subject – bookshop.

Get excited! 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Fonte Nova Bookstore is interested in arousing your greatest emotions.

  1. What a great idea! Reading should be part of everyone’s life because as you said, ut enriches the vocabulary, expand horizons, developes imagination and your creative side. Besides reading books and topics you like, it’s good to every once in a while read something different; you could find interesting other authors or learn something new. This type of ideas should be included in all bookstores. Making reading entertaining nay help more people to find reading interesting.

  2. I agree that reading is so necessary. I have always been a reader and so has my wife. We encouraged our sons to read when they were young, and they still read to this day. One of them is 41 years old and the other one is 38 years old,

  3. glad to know this! This is such an eye catchy way of getting peoples attention! it is a fact that people read a lot less these days! Its sad..reading is such a beautiful habit!

  4. This is cool! I’m a huge reader and agree it’s difficult to advertise bookstores in a unique way. I’m not a huge fan of the illustrations but I like the concept!

  5. I love that this is about reading & bookstores! probably my favorite post so far, mad respect for posting it. That artwork ad is se manifique! The 3d aspect is outstanding & to add your break down of the image makes it even more ingenius. I would definitely buy whatever after reading this and seeing that image. I know first hand how creative you’ve gotta get as I’m busy with a book launch right now for a client, it’s been highly educational as well.

  6. Io sono un’amante della lettura, di qulsiasi genere! Leggere ti apre la mente, impari a pensare in modo critico come tu hai ben sottolineato e impari nuove parole da utilizzare ogni giorno! Grazie per questa dritta. – A.

  7. La lettura su carta non deve mai essere sottovalutata: un libro suscita sinapsi che lo schermo non crea, quindi va incoraggiata soprattutto nei giovanissimi!
    Le illustrazioni sono molto belle, al livello di quadri d’autore!

  8. concordo che leggere arricchisce la persona sotto ogni aspetto: culturale, nel lessico e personale. I libri non vanno mai sostituiti con il web …. sfogliare un libro è magico.

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