Ferrari – a brand experience.

If you are fond of racing cars and you are in Italy I recommend that you should visit the legendary Ferrari at “Ferrari – Genius and Secrets” exhibition in Maranello. I went there this summer and it was a memorable brand experience.

Over the years Ferrari has been a true legend, a myth in the automotive industry and is known all over the world thanks to its Formula 1 race cars (single-seater) and also road cars ( the Enzo, Ferrari California ) very sophisticated, of excellent quality and targeted primarily at consumers in the premium class.

Ferrari Museum “Genius and Secrets” exhibition

Despite the fact that not everybody can afford it for economic reasons, the brand has huge international success regardless of what social class you belong to. The secret is in its strong promotional strategy and marketing.

Studying potential consumers needs, their wants and demands, the brand has introduced other products at reasonable prices to satisfy all those who love Ferrari. So Ferrari launched the Ferrari Merchandising that includes Ferrari Stores, Ferrari Museum, Ferrari World theme park, also offers products such as Ferrari Racing Days (Corse Clienti), Test Drive ( has dealerships worldwide ) license and retail business to offer Ferrari experience to anyone who desires and dreams of the Prancing Horse.

As for me, I love sport cars and Ferrari for me is a true icon of style, excellence and Made in Italy in the automotive industry. They make high qualitiy vehicles due to an infinite dose of creativity and passion (the red color represents its symbol ).

This summer I travelled in the province of Modena, in Emilia – Romagna region, Italy so I could not miss a chance to visit the Ferrari Museum that is located nearby.

Ferrari, different models
Ferrari, different models
Ferrari F1

First of all, I would like to mention that Ferrari has two museums, one is in Maranello that is even called the Ferrari Museum and the other is the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, the birthplace of the founder Enzo Ferrari.

The Museum in Maranello focuses on the company’s history from the past up to nowadays, while the Enzo Ferrari Museum is about Enzo Ferrari life since his childhood, being a teenager he began discovering races, then he became a pilot, after that he became a manufacturer of the legendary car. The two museums are only 20 km from each other and are easily reached on a shuttle bus.

Enzo Ferrari’s original office from the 50s

My Ferrari brand experience is linked with the Ferrari Museum in Maranello at the “Ferrari – Genius and Secrets” exhibition where visitors can discover the cars that have made history. At the entrance of the museum you can see the slogan “Live the dream” so Ferrari invites you to experience a unique and amazing emotions.

Ferrari “Live the Dream”

The exhibition starts with the 365 GTB4 car model, a prototype – 1968, that “was always unofficially referred to as the Daytona, in honour of its victory in the eponymous 24-Hour race in 1967”.

Ferrari 365 GTB4, prototype – 1968

Going forward through the museum, you can see different epochs of the cars from the 50s to nowadays and many original prototypes. There are cars dedicated to Formula 1 and the World Championships, with photos of the drivers that have made great success to Ferrari in Formula 1 (for example Alberto Ascari, Niki Lauda, Michael Schumacher etc.) with their trophies.

Michael Schumacher

To involve the visitor in the atmosphere of the legendary Prancing Horse, the Museum offers fans to listen to the roar of the various Ferrari cars, see engines, also to test with Formula 1 simulators to experience the same feelings or almost the same as a pilot gets while driving and moreover to get the opportunity of Pit Stop for a tire change (is available for groups and must be booked in advance).

Furthermore, the Museum offers a location to organize exclusive private events and an educational program for schools dedicated to the legendary Ferrari.

Engine Type F140B, 2002
F150 Laboratorio, 2013

Even though these cars are not allowed to touch and you can’t sit in there, in the museum you can find a special hall equipped with photographic set and you’re offered to get in a real Ferrari California or stay in a Formula 1 single-seater for fun photos and to get a feeling of a real Formula 1 pilot. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

pag062 2
My Ferrari F1 brand experience

Despite the fact that I cannot afford a Ferrari this experience is very meaningful and I’ve really lived the dream! Next time I would like to go to the Museum in Modena. 😉

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46 thoughts on “Ferrari – a brand experience.

  1. I wouldn’t miss that for the world! I am not a huge fan of cars but I think this is awesome! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  2. Oh you know, I’d like to sit in a Ferrari once. Not sure I’d want to drive it, lol. A nick or scratch could cost an arm and a leg. 😉

  3. hahaha i love that pic of you in the F1 car. I’ve always been a fan f the ferrari Enzo, coz it’s so similar to my name. was great to find out about the museums.
    Recently attended a seminar where robert kiyosaki talked about how he had two ferrari’s but he want the latest one too.#Richpeopleproblems lol

    1. Enricoh, glad you liked this funny photo, it was a really great experience 😉 And now that I realized why you’re the Ferrari Enzo fan you definitely have to visit his museum! Welcome to Italy 🙂

      How cool is that! Who doesn’t want the latest Ferrai 😉

  4. il team di maranello è perfetto dal punto di vista delle dinamiche aziendali: pare sia in italia l’azienda dove i dipendenti sono in assoluto i più soddisfatti e gratificati, sia uomini che donne. Bellissime le loro esposizioni!

  5. That must have been a fabulous experience! I’m not really a fan of cars, but still it would be great to visit in a place like this. Did you see Kimi Räikkönen there? We Finns are Ferrari fans because of him:D

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