Experience amazement with a new Lexus ’Man and Machine’ Super Bowl 2017 ad!

The Lexus ‘Man and Machine’ Super Bowl 2017 ad will definitely inspire you to test-drive this luxury sports coupe!

You might expect the ad which only dazzles you with the stylish and eye-catching latest Lexus model. Instead, the brand decided to do something unusual – by inviting Lil’ Buck, a professional dancer, to perform in its new ‘Man and Machine’ ad to showcase the special bond between a man and his car. To promote the all-new LC 500 and introduce its new global tagline ‘Experience Amazing,’ Lexus invites you to experience the vehicle like never before!👨🚘


Lexus ‘Man and Machine’ (via)

The commercial opens with fast cut shots of Lil’ Buck, who jooks his way to Sia’s song “Move Your Body” from her latest album, and a machine, the new 2017 Lexus LC 500 coupe, depicted along with his dancing. As the ad goes on we see both, a man and machine, on a split screen, showing the parallels between the versatility of human body movements and the power and athleticism of the vehicle.

Machines don’t have emotions,’ says British actress Minnie Driver in the voice-over, ‘But the rare few can inspire them.’ There is nothing better than communicating your emotions through your dance!


Brilliant concept and very good execution! An exciting part of the ad that I like most is where Lil Buck slithering into the Lexus by challenging gravity and when he dances on the walls around the vehicle. Incredible. Isn’t it? 😉

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36 thoughts on “Experience amazement with a new Lexus ’Man and Machine’ Super Bowl 2017 ad!

  1. questo ballerino è bravissimo! davvero coraggioso accostare un oggetto meccanico e di design ad un corpo che balla. Di certo però l’idea passa benissimo. Bellezza, grazia, eleganza e performance che sfiorano l’emotivo e l’umano!

  2. I think that many people see machines as being devoid of character and they right in a sense. But surely if they are made with a human touch then they take on the characteristics of its human maker so to speak? Cool campaign.

  3. I love how far advertisers go in creating their ads for Superbowl. I know how much it costs to air an ad during that time and the brands are all fighting to create ads that will stay in the viewers’ mind. I love how Lexus chose a red car in this ad and not a black one. That’s automatically an impact on the human’s mind.

  4. Such a beautiful ad with a nice concept and the car looks absolutely stunning in color and look & feel. Test driving one such car is going to be an amazing experience for car lovers!

  5. I don’t care what it’s advertising, Sia’s voice and songwriting will make me buy anything!! Haha. Seriously though, this is a super slick advert for a super slick car. I’ve always heard good things about the Lexus but have never tried it out myself. I’ve just bought a Mini but you never know for the future! Ree Love30

  6. Wow è davvero fatto molto bene, complimenti al ballerino anche. Comunque, è davvero una buona idea paragonare la flessibilità del ballerino alle caratteristiche della macchina.

  7. What a super cool campaign. Usually I’m not attracted to these kinds of ads .. but this one caught my attention. Love everything about it .. especially the red. My favorite color

  8. I think it’s a great move that they asked Lil Buck for this ad. There is this perfect flow between his movements and the car. Someone made this video very very well. I like it! Love the way he enters the car. By far one of the best car ads I’ve seen. Love Sia’s song as well!

  9. This guy could act in a Transformers movie, no doubt there. But it is a nice concept of an advertisement. It is not boring as most of the others are, and the car looks awesome.

  10. Great ad – super bowl ads are always worth checking out. The dancing is fantastic – might have to show this one to my kids. They love good dancing and cars!

  11. Lexus always have amazing ads! This one is amazig of course I love the car from the ad but this ad is fantastic I love music!

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