Enjoy your morning coffee while reading a newspaper.

With the Headline Coffee, a new subscription box from the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper, you can get your coffee straight to your door! Every month you have the opportunity to explore new coffee flavours from different parts of the world. Isnt’ it fantastic!

Subscription business trend has been growing rapidly over the last few years. There is a wide range of subscription boxes to choose from, such as cosmetics samplers, luxury beauty products , organic food or suppliers to your next DIY projects. Even newspapers, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal both have wine clubs.

To be on trend, the Toronto Star decided to introduce a new subscription service, called Headline Coffee, which aimes to provide their subscribers with a great coffee experience by offering them a high-quality, Fairtrade certified coffee bag shipped right to their door for just $20 CDN monthly. 📰☕️🗞

Headline Coffee & Toronto Star (via)

What is more, every month you can discover a new taste, read the story behind your coffee and its beans including tips and tricks for brewing it right. It’s a good idea to sign up right now to get October’s coffee that comes from the province of North Sumatra, Indonesia. You’ll enjoy a spicy flavour and herbal aroma! ☕️☕️🍮☕️

Headline Coffee: October’s Discovery (via)

Headline Coffee is currently available only in Ontario, Canada. Don’t miss the chance to try it! 😉

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50 thoughts on “Enjoy your morning coffee while reading a newspaper.

  1. I have always enjoyed the newspaper while drinking milk as a child and now tea . Im not a coffee lover because it does not suite me much. But my parents read the newspaper with their cups of coffee.

  2. Oh hey my friends Kathe Messina is from Canada & Shelley Smidt loves anything to do with coffee. Will share with them
    It’s always great to see companies keep up with the trends and adapt to it in awesome ways.

  3. I haven’t read a newspaper in a LONG time. I remember it being the standard way to start the morning when I was a kid. I guess with all of our gadgets, it’s been pushed aside.

  4. This sounds like such a great service. I wish they had something like this in Boston.
    Two must in the morning are drinking coffee and reading the paper.

    – Elise

  5. Makes me think about one of the few survivors of the e-bubble bust that was called blacksocks.com if I remember well. You were getting black socks as a subscription service.

    1. That’s really great, Walter! Thanks for the reminding of their service! I love their concept :
      «Like a newspaper, you receive socks through the letterbox at regular intervals. Ideally, always the same design.»

  6. Being a caffeine addict, I’d love to have this subscription coffee box every month at my doorstep. Hope that something similar is available in the US too!

  7. Omg I love coffe Ican’t start my journey without coffe LOL 😀 It sounds really good ideao I’ll try this coffe very soon thank you for this Great idea

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