Do you still want to buy this two euro T-shirt?

Fashion Revolution, a non-profit organization, has conducted a social experiment in Berlin to show people the true cost of cheap fashion clothes.

When it comes to fashion, we’re eager to look stylish but not everyone can afford to spend much money on clothes. We always hunt for a great bargain in the sales.

Could you pass by a vending machine that sells T-shirts that cost less than a cup of coffee? It’s impossible to resist buying them, isn’t it? As for me, I could hardly keep myself. But what would you do if you knew about the conditions under which clothes were made?

To help answer the question let’s see a social campaign that was held by Fashion Revolution in collaboration with BBDO Berlin to raise awareness about the real cost of clothes at a bargain.

A vending machine was installed in the centre of Alexanderplatz in Berlin where unsuspecting passersby were offered to buy a T-shirt for just 2€. Think twice.

Fashion Revolution (via)
Fashion Revolution (via)

As soon as they inserted a coin to pay for the item into the machine, the display automatically played a video showing horrible working conditions on textile factories where women and children have to work for 16 hours a day for just 13 cents an hour. The video is accompanied by a phrase: ‘Do you still want to buy this 2€ T-shirt?’ and after a few seconds the options to ‘buy or donate‘ appear on the screen.

Fashion Revolution (via)
Fashion Revolution (via)
Fashion Revolution (via)
Fashion Revolution (via)
Fashion Revolution (via)
Fashion Revolution (via)

It’s not surprising that about 90% of the passersby decided against a purchase. They prefered to donate.

Fashion Revolution (via)
Fashion Revolution (via)

The video ends with the message: ‘People care when they know,‘ encouraging people to be more socially active and make brands take responsibility for their actions.

And what would you do?

Watch the video below:


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40 thoughts on “Do you still want to buy this two euro T-shirt?

  1. This is quite interesting thanks for sharing! I lived in Germany studying International Humanitarian Action and I love how active and socially conscious Germans are. This was a great experiment.

  2. Wow, what an amazing way to spread awareness! I do think it’s often a matter of people not realizing, so this is a perfect way to combat that.

  3. I’m sorry I don’t think I would want to buy a shirt knowing the horrible conditions women and children are working in and not making much for their families. I think this information should be shared so that it opens peoples eyes to what goes on in the workshops.

  4. yes, this is a good awareness campaign..I also remember buying some very cheap souvenirs in most Asian countries – it made me think sometimes if they still make money by producing those pretty cheap goods…

  5. That’s the best way to raise awareness about an issue that not all people know about. I love the message, it’s really very inspiring and moving. I hope more companies come up with this.

  6. That’s a great campaign for sure and it’s good so many people decided to donate! The thing is that awareness is not enough, for many people buying 2 euro t-shirt (or secondhand clothes) is not a matter of choice, but necessity as they cannot afford anything better – made locally and from a place that respects people and offers right work conditions.

  7. I think this is a great idea, We often don’t think about where our clothes came from or how they are made. But was a little surprised that 10% of people still choose the t-shirt

  8. Bellissima campagna, soprattutto inteligentissima! Attira i consumatori su due punti deboli: la voglia di risparmiare a tutti i costi anche a costo i avere cose inutili e la distrazione. Ne fa tesoro e crea consapevolezza. Davvero geniale!

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