Creative ad campaign from Havas Worldwide, Dusseldorf.

German ad agency Havas Worldwide, Dusseldorf created a communication ad campaign for a pharmacy operator in Germany Lloyds Pharmacy, which cares about their consumers using a creative ways.

In particular, a series of print ads was developed and focused on a maintaining a healthy lifestyle and consumer’s wellbeing. A company’s goal is to promote a concept of a healthy nutrition, providing certain information about food that is a part of a right nutrition that helps consumers take care of their health.

The Print Ad campaign consists of three images where vegetables look like pieces of fruit: A first image shows a visual of a half-peeled potato as if it is a banana with a text (body copy) nearby: “Potatoes contain more potassium than bananas”.

Bananas (via)

A second image shows yellow bell peppers in a squezeer nearby. There are two peppers with a spot that reminds orange juice. In a text (body copy) it is said that Bell peppers give you more vitamine C than oranges. ( “Bell peppers give you more vitamine c than oranges”).

Oranges (via)

In the last one we can see a peeled tomato in the same way as we peel apples. A text (body copy) aims to understand that tomatoes provide more anti oxidants than apples(“Tomatoes provide more anti oxidants than apples”).

Apples (via)

Texts of the ads are extraordinary and very interesting: all texts were handwritten and painted in the same colours as vegetables in print ads where a lettering message is underlined.

Moreover, in the ad message there is a suggestion of the vital elements for life, which we can’t do without: potassium, vitamine C and anti oxidants and they pay attention to the importance of eating vegetables and not just fruits to maintain good health. What do you think about this ad campaign?

58 thoughts on “Creative ad campaign from Havas Worldwide, Dusseldorf.

  1. Interesting idea! Keep it! But although vegetables are very attractive in ad, are still not as tasty as fruits! The next ad campaign should developed the idea how to make vegetables more delicious and not just paying attention to nutritious components!

  2. Olga had a great idea, it could be something like a serial advertising where someone teaches how to make vegetables more tasty

  3. I have found that when I mix my Veg & fruit into Smoothies the taste is literally yummy, I could live on that for like eva…So I really get this creative ad campaign concept! My only Qn is, how do you get the potassium from a raw uncooked potato? Coz you can eat the banana even if its not yet ripe…! Love the artistic style too Bravo Havas Dusseldorf !

  4. This is absolutely a great post. I love both veggies and fruits and now I practice my 3 year old son to eat fruits or veggies as a snack

  5. I love the creative genius of these ads. It is not overly done but it sure got the message across! I didn’t know that potatoes had more potassium than bananas!

  6. I like both fruits and vegetables, but on the potatoes have more potassium than bananas; is that when they’re uncooked? Because when fruits and veggies are cooked they lose some of their nutrients.

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