Coca-cola makes us feel the magic.

To let the magic begin, Coca-Cola invited Justin Flom, a famous American magician to perform in its new ‘Taste the magic’ ad.

When you think about emotional marketing, such brand as Coca-Cola immediately cross your mind. It’s one of the most recognized and beloved soft drink brands in the world. It’s also well-known for its memorable campaigns aimed at spreading the feeling of joy and happiness! Coca-Cola is always full of interesting concepts. This time the brand invites us to ‘Taste the magic’ in it’s latest TV spot!

In the spot a waiter brings bottles of Coca-Cola to a group of young people. One of the girls notices that she did not order the regular Coke. To rectify his mistake a waiter, with a sleight of hand starts turning the Coca-Cola bottle into Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola Light and Coca-Cola Life in front of amazed people’s eyes!


This TV spot is a part of Coca-Cola’s new ‘One Brand’ strategy and was done by agency David to promote Coca-Cola’s new packaging. It will air in five continents.

You might remember Lewis Carroll’s quote

Everyone wants some magical solution to their problem 

and everyone refuses to believe in magic.

Do you sill believe in magic? 😉

Resourse: AdWeek

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51 thoughts on “Coca-cola makes us feel the magic.

  1. Hahahha Now he would make the perfect waiter! Able to just change your order on the fly like that. Magicians ROCK! I didn’t know about Justin so thanks, I enjoy following magicians. Coca Cola has always been my favorite soda brand, Bring Back The Vanilla Coke lol. I loved that.

  2. Who wouldn’t be entertained with that kind of magic! That’s pretty amazing and it’s really fun to watch as well. This is what i love about coca cola, they always know how to make a good ad!

  3. Le campagne CocaCola mi sono sempre piaciute: pur non amando il prodotto, dell’azienda ho sempre apprezzato la scelta di non essere mai banali e non usare cliché più in uso. In marketing CocaCola fa quello che madonna fa con la moda. Anticipa e gli altri seguono a ruota 🙂

  4. I love this advertisement!
    Coca Cola is always so original, yeah of course they have the budget haha 🙂
    As a marketing student I know everything about that right now haha.

  5. Is the first time i read something about coca cola. I preferred coca cola always i don’t know why hehehe but I love it. Your post is original so I going to read more posts here. Thanks for share

  6. Coca cola is very good at advertising. They always have these ads that you can’t forget haha. I think this is a nice ad for their goal : promoting one brand. I have seen nice ads though, that I kept in mind more. But this one is nice as well. I always love the music in their advertising.

  7. Ah coke is my guilty pleasure! I try not to drink too much because it’s really not that great for you. But I will say that they always have genius marketing and commercials.


  8. I stopped drinking Coca Cola ads a couple of years ago, but after seeing this, I might go and order one next time I’m out….and hope the waiter will perform this magic trick for me too 😉 Loved it

  9. This video makes me smile. But there is one problem When they play it again and again especially in Christmas time it is bit annoying. Anyway they can really make magic with promo. Thanks great video.

  10. In effetti, la Coca Cola è davvero magica in tutto e per tutto anche perché chi conosce i suoi ingredienti segreti? 😀 Comunque, mi piacciono davvero tanto gli spot che fa perché vengono rappresentati con scene divertenti e soprattuto mai scontate e quindi rigurdarle è anche un piacere.

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