Christmas ads to get you in a festive mood.

As holidays are coming closer, here is the Top 5 Christmas ads that have caught my eye this year. Which one is your favoutite?

Christmas is just around the corner
Christmas – you feel it in the air
All the trees are surrounded with presents
The stockings are filling up too

Barry Manilow,
an American singer

Coca-Cola Christmas Ad (via)

It’s Christmas time. It is a wonderful and joyous time of the year to spend time with the family and friends, decorate Christmas trees with lights and get presents from Santa. It is also an opportunity for brands to get us in the spirit of the holiday season and make believe us in the magic of Christmas all over again.

Watch the ads below:

1. In the Duracell’s new Star Wars-themed commercial, ‘Battle for Christmas Morning,’ never underestimate the power of the imagination.


2. For the 25th anniversary of Home Alone I suggest that you watch one of the re-created scenes of the movie with ‘a nerdy, tech-y twist‘ made by the agency Redpepper.


3. If Santa was a woman, could she do the job? A social experiment by the agency Anomaly.


4. Dogs and cats re-create your favourite holiday movies‬ such as ‘A Pugmas Story’, ‘Love Catually’, ‘Frozen Dogs’ and more.


5. Coca-Cola is willing to make you happy only with the magic bow.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May the sparkle of the holidays shine for you all year long. 🎄☃️🎅🍾🎁

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17 thoughts on “Christmas ads to get you in a festive mood.

  1. I agree,this post is so interesting! I have literally not seen one about adverts before. Great post. Number 5 is my fave 🙂

  2. Coca Cola ads are my favorites! There’s definitely not that Christmas feeling until I can see one from the TV haha. Also, that 3rd one caught my eye 🙂

  3. I always like Coca-Cola’s Christmas ads every year. It is always unique and stories always have that “bam!” Kudos for their PR team!

  4. Really interesting blog! I watched them and the Home Alone one is my favourite! Im a massive fan of the films anyway so its pretty cool to see it created with a different twist! I also love the lay out of your website! Thanks for sharing

  5. I love this collection of commercials. I like it when companies invest so much in advertising and also make some winter/ holiday related commercials. My favorite is definitely the one about Star Wars from Duracell. I’m just a big Star Wars fan. So I love seeing that anytime. Had to laugh about the cars in the last one as well haha.

  6. As soon as I see other hear the Coca-Cola advert in know know it’s officially Christmas! Since I was a little kid this has been happening. Even though I don’t drink the stuff, I love the adverts! Theven cat and dogs adverts are hilarious love them. Ree Love30

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