The 1st ever Instagram Jigsaw Puzzle by Toronto Silent Film Festival.

Can you solve the Instagram Jigsaw Puzzle? 😉

You probably know, Instagram (a word combination of “instant camera” and “telegram”) is the mobile-first image based social network that gained its first 1 million users within 2 months of its launch and continue growing ever since.

It was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010, both graduated from Stanford University, and was later acquired by Facebook in April, 2012. Instagram was designed primarily for snapping and sharing photos with friends from their mobile device on-the-go and continues to grow and evolve as a platform, using all new tools and features for scheduling posts, editing, content managing, adding e-commerce ads and so on that will help you promote your brand effectively and connect with your target audience.

According to Instagram, the social platform now has more than 500 million monthly active users and more than 300 of whom use Instagram every single day. It’s no wonder why more and more brands are jumping on Instagram board!

Among the numerous social media platforms, Instagram presents a huge opportunity for brands to engage with their audience and tell their story in a visual context. The platform is ideal for showcasing your products and services in action, posting a teaser or sneak peeks into your brand new products or services before the official launch, taking behind the scene photos and videos to show how your products are made, posting special offers on your products or services or running regular contests to drive engagement.

Moreover, you can even make IG users feel more connected with your brand by encouraging them to share their experience with your product or services using branded hashtags and regram these photos on your own profile. It helps you create an emotional bond with your users that convert visitors into loyal customers.

TSFF2017 Instagram Jigsaw Puzzle (via)

Here is an example of Instagram campaign to inspire you.

In order to draw attention to its upcoming movie fest, the Toronto Silent Film Festival partnering with the ad agency Red Lion Canada, created the first ever Instagram Jigsaw Puzzle game using Instagram’s new ‘Save’ feature.

This year the Toronto Silent Film Festival focuses on newly restored films, some of them are being played for the first time in nearly a century. So, to let fans experience the thrill of restoring a lost film for themselves, the Toronto Silent Film Festival and Red Lion has come up with the Instagram Jigsaw Puzzle, a game that encourages users to piece together images from old movies. It may seem simple but with 21 pieces and lots of possibilities the puzzle becomes more challenging.

TSFF 2017 Instagram Jigsaw Puzzle (via)

To bring this idea to life the agency built an Instagram account (@TSFF2017_puzzle) filled with scrambled puzzle pieces. To solve the puzzle users have to search for and save each piece in the correct order using Instagram ‘Save’ feature. Once it is done, the puzzle will appear in their personal “saved” feed. The first seven people who send a screenshot of their completed puzzle will get a prize from the festival.

So, are you ready to solve the puzzle? 😉


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Zappos sends Google a challenge in a new #PayWithACupcake campaign.

This Zappos guerrilla marketing campaign is simply cool! It aroused my interest from the moment I read its title: ‘Pay with a cupcake’ that reminded me of the recently made Google’s ‘Pay with a photo’ campaign. It is really a battle between two brands. Who will be the winner?

It all started off when ‘a giant tech company’ Google ran its campaign in Austin, Texas where the brand gave free cupcakes from their food truck to anyone who tried their photo app. It became very popular! People looked happy and satisfied. Everything seemed to be going well, until Zappos, an online store that specializes in clothing and accessories, came to town.

Google “Pay with a photo” (via)
Zappos came to town (via)

They arrived unexpectedly, installed their #PayWithACupcake cardboard box, situated within few steps from Google truck, and started handing out various items such as watches, headphones, sunglasses and so on to all passersby in exchange for a Google cupcakes. All people needed to do was to ‘Insert Cupcake‘ into a slot on the box and ‘Be Happier’ getting better reward. Needless to say, the Zappos campaign worked! Even the cupcake truck person came to receive his prize.

It appeares like a smart move, doesn’t it? Watch out! I wouldn’t reccomend that you should do that trick with your competitors. 😉

Watch this fun video below and share your view. 🙂


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Billboard that gives out free massages.

Holidays finished. It’s time to work. A new working week has begun. A hectic life started again. How about relaxing after long hours of work? There is nothing better than a good massage that helps you feel better and refreshed. With Kit Kat’s massage billboards you no longer need to go to the spa! Doesn’t it seem incredible?

The famous chocolate bar Kit Kat is well-known for its ‘have a break’ tagline that usually encourages people to take time out to enjoy a delicious chocolate crisp. This time the brand doesn’t offer people treats but gives them a break in a completely new way – it is a massage break!

To promote this concept in Colombia the brand by partnering with ad agencies J. Walter Thompson and Mindshare installed a series of billboards in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, one of the most stressful and chaotic cities in Latin America known for its high density population, traffic jams and overused public transport system.

These billboards aimed to help people reduce stress and relax. What else could you wish for? I wonder how they managed to make this idea real.

Kit Kat Massage Billboard (via)
Kit Kat Massage Billboard (via)

They set up billboards in bus shelters around the city and turned them into the ‘mini massage parlors.’ While waiting for the bus, people were invited to relax through a call-to-action message on the billboard screen: ‘Come. I will give you a massage’ (in Spanish ‘Ven, Yo doy masajes en mi Break’ ). So, when a passersby leaned against the billboard, it would start vibrating and give a quick and pleasant mini back massage.

Kit Kat Massage Billboard (via)
Kit Kat on Twitter (via)

What is more, the billboards were geo-located on Google Maps to help people find them easily. Every time someone tweeted the words ‘tired’ or ‘stressed,’ the location details of where to find the nearest Kit Kat massage billboard popped up.


This campaign without doubt was very successful. Who could resist the temptation to get a good massage? 😉

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Have you already created #SocialSalad?

It’s the Bonduelle Italy’s first salad mix made by consumers from its web community.

The era of the passive consumers is over. Today’s consumers are active participants and active co-creators of products and service models. They enjoy being constantly involved in the activities of their favorite brands. In this case digital technologies and social media enable them to engage with brands in more unique ways than ever before.

Thus the #SocialSalad, an initiative launched recently by Bonduelle Italy and created in collaboration with its consumers was born.

The idea is as follows: Bonduelle Italy invites its Facebook fans to create their own favorite salad mix based on their tastes. Every four months consumers have to choose the ingredient they like most to match it with a basic salad proposals from Bonduelle and then vote it on the Bonduelle Facebook page and on its website. After the announcement of the salad combination winner the brand puts it on sale in supermarkets that will be available for 4 months.

Bonduelle Italy #Socialsalad
Bonduelle Italy #Socialsalad (via)

The first #Socialsalad winner is a mix of ‘lamb’s lettuce, chicory leaves and black olives!’ Good choice, isnt’it? You can see it on the shelves of your supermarket since November 4th.

What is more, I was impressed to see the packaging full of references related to social network and the hashtag in the name of the #Socialsalad campaign that shows directly the real involvement of social network audience in the realization of the project! Great!

Bonduelle Italy #Socialsalad (via)
Bonduelle Italy #Socialsalad (via)

If you like the idea, you can create the next #Socialsalad starting from February. 😉

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Coke Zero’s first ever ‘Drinkable advertising’ campaign.

If you’re thirsty drink an ad!

Coca- Cola is full of surprises and continues to impress me with their innovative ideas. Working with Ogilvy&Mather New York they’ve created an entire campaign for Coca-Cola’s low-calorie drink Coke Zero that you can literally drink! Seems incredible, doesn’t it? Using creative thinking with new technologies make the unbelievable possible!

One of the most interesting and creative aspects of this campaign is a giant billboard that serves Coke Zero through a massive straw to thousands of passersby to encourage them to ‘Taste It.’

Coke Zero: Drinkable billboard (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable billboard (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable billboard (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable billboard (via)

What is more, by partnering with Shazam they developed a new way of using audio recognition. The brand with its agency managed to pour the soft drink through a drinkable commercial all around the US.

ByShazamingthe ad viewers see Coke Zero being poured directly in the screen of their mobile devices from a bottle on TV screen. It was possible whenever they were at home, at a concert or among 80,000 people at NCAA Final Four games. When the glass was full they could get a free drink at redeemable retail stores.

Coke Zero: Drinkable commercial (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable commercial (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable commercial (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable commercial (via)

Other ‘drinkable’ elements include radio ads that ‘poured Coke Zero using just sound’, print ads ‘that become cups’, flyers ‘that become straws’ and even posters ‘that turn people’s phones into digital straws’ and tweet ‘that poured Coke Zero in 140 characters’, all of which generate coupons for a free Coke Zero. It’s simply amazing!

Coke Zero: Drinkable ad (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable poster (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable poster (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable tweet (via)


So next time you’re thirsty drink an ad’, claims Coca-Cola in the campaign. 😉

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Whiskas opens the Kitten Kollege.

Whiskas, the cat-food brand owned by Mars, seems to know how to grab our attention. The brand offers a completely new approach in its communication strategy, by creating the “Kitten Kollege” online campaign, in which young feline students can develop their life skills to become tomorrow’s cats.

In particular, Whiskas UK has released a very appealing campaign launched on their Youtube channel that offers a series of 12 entertaining videos set in theKitten Kollege”, the institute of feline education.

The first two videos introduce the “Kitten Kollege” where kittens from all over the world can come to enrich their minds and get a good academic background in such fields like “string theory” (playing with yarn), linguistics (meowing), archeology (fishes skeleton) and literature (“The Prince of Persian” and Franz Katka’s works). What is more, the Kollege also encourages them to nurture their natural curiosity and to “think outside the box, and sometimes inside of it too.”

Whiskas Kitten Kollege (via)
Whiskas Kitten Kollege (via)
Whiskas Kitten Kollege (via)

The next videos show us hilariously funny scenes from the academic life with a lecture hall full of kittens as if were are human students. Professors give them lectures on the importance of healthy nutrition, how to move on to eating a balanced adult food (a cat food), the art of communications (the meow, the purr, the trill), responsabilities (vaccinations etc) and many others.

Whiskas Kitten Kollege (via)
Whiskas Kitten Kollege (via)

Even though, the videos are all about kittens, but we realize that the real message is to educate kitten owners and give them a special course about pets care.

The campaign was released by ad agency AMV BBDO, Google and online comedy site College Humor and will appear on YouTube, Facebook, College Humor, and the Whiskas site.

Let’s your adorable kittens live a long and happy life! 🙂



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A Bit Of Everything

Are you eager to expand your career horizons?

I get amazed any time when I see Ambient or Guerrilla marketing ads, they never stop surprising me. This time what has caught my eye is the campaign held by Edith Cowan University in Australia to help teenagers choose their study program.

Choosing the right university course that perfectly suits your needs is vital because it can affect your future career and prepare you for brighter future.

So! Edith Cowan University (ECU) had the idea to give teens a hand to make the right choice. How? By creating an ambient marketing campaign “Futures at your feet”.

All they needed was to find right tools designed to meet their interests. In particular, twelve vinyl decals on the floor were created, each of them was loaded with gear that showed different ECU courses.

Edith Cowan University “Features at your feet"
Edith Cowan University “Features at your feet” (via)

Potential students were invited to step into the decals to find out which course is the most relevant for them. As soon as they found the right one they were able to take a picture and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #ECUOpenDay. It enabled them to take part in the career open day where they were they could ask all questions regarding their future courses.

Edith Cowan University “Features at your feet” (via)

The campaign worked. The results were amazing: attendance numbers increased by 4000, while the #ECUOpenDay hashtag usage achieved great success! The campaign received over 3400 Likes.


To my mind, it is essential that we know there’s nothing we can’t achieve. We have the world at our feet if we do our best. 😉

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A Bit Of Everything

Welcome on board with the Ownboard magazine.

Look, suppose you were on a plane, sitting, trying to find something to read and you came across your smiling face appeared on the cover of an inflight magazine. Would it grab your attention and encourage you to read this magazine?

When you are on a flight, especially if you travel long distances, you spend time watching movies, guessing crosswords clues, reading books and magazines. As far as inflight magazines are concerned, they are of little interest because they are mainly ordinary and provide us with a content that doesn’t stand out from all the rest.

TAM Airlines (via)

According to experts from the TAM Airlines less than 11% of passengeres remember what they read on board and what is even worse the average time of reading inflights magazine is just 3%.

For the TAM Airlines to take care about each passenger is very important. They aim to provide them with a better service. In partnership with the agency FCB Milan they came up with a great solution – “The Ownboard Magazine”, personalized inflight magazine for each passenger.

The Ownboard Magazine (via)

I think, this idea is worth noticing.

Being on board passengers were impressed by the surprise made by the airline. They got excited to see themselves on the cover of the inflight magazine that was placed on their seat. Each magazine was completely personalized to each person, including special articles about every single traveller full of photos, facts of their life, events they were keen on.

The Ownboard Magazine (via)

Are you curious to know how they made it?

To celebrate the anniversary of Milan-Sao Paolo route they introduced a social media tool – the Facebook Connect during the online purchase process. In other words, when people booked their tickets they were asked to connect their Facebook account. This allowed the company to get an access to their personal pages to know more details about each passenger such as their likes, interests, their friends, social activity, photos, the places they love in order to create a custom content to make the magazine unique for each passenger.

The Ownboard Magazine (via)
The Ownboard Magazine (via)
The Ownboard Magazine (via)

The Ambient marketing campaign has made a huge success. All passengers took their magazine with them and the time of reading the magazine during the flight increased by 1,200 percent.


As for me, I like the way the campaign was done. The TAM Airlines managed to take the magazine to another level and to create an amazing experience to every passenger to feel them special and valuable. What do you think of it? 🙂

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Time to coffee.

If you live in hustle and bustle of a big city and always rush through life, all you need is a cup of coffee at the right time to avoid being exhausted and boost your energy. Coffee makes you feel great.

All things considered, the coffeehouse chain Dunkin’ Donuts has run its “Time to coffee” campaign” in New York, the city that never sleeps.

The city that never sleeps is also a city where coffee is a key element to keep people active for long hours.

That’s why Dunkin’Donuts in partnership with agency Johannes Leonardo and Trilia Media have come up with amazing solution – they’ve launched a “Time to coffee” website to provide New Yorkers with the quickest coffee.

Dunkin’ Donuts “Time to coffee” (via)

It has features that can use data about users current location to let them know about the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts coffee shop in Time Square.

Besides, when users search for the term “coffee near me” on Google Maps or in Google Search on mobile device they can see an ad with a way to “find the fastest coffee.” Clicking on it, Google Maps will pop up that tracks their location and recommend the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts with the shortest wait time to them.

Dunkin’ Donits (via)

Location-based mobile marketing has become a trend in recent years. Using geo-location services enables companies to geo-target their audience and provide them with whatever information they need, whenever they want it.

To my mind, this campaign perfectly shows this concept, offering people faster service based on where they are at the moment. Would you like this campaign to be launched in your city? 😉



Nike has launched “Instaposters” campaign on the streets of Moscow.

Nike continues to surprise me. This summer it created an incredible guerrilla marketing campaign in Moscow using Instagram in combination with the art in real time. Let’s see it in details.

As you know pictures are often worth a thousand words, provoke emotions and raise greater interest in people. With the arrival of the internet and social network to take and share photos has become very easy. And Instagram is a great photographic tool that allows you to share your moments of everyday life, what you like, what inspires and surprises you with friends quickly.

So Nike with Instinct ad agency, Moscow has created a series of giant posters in street art during his global campaign #BetterForIt. The novelty of this campaign is as follows: selfies of real active women (not professional athletes ) who love and do sports were searched from their Instagram feed and then were placed on the streets of Moscow.

Nike instaposters
Nike instaposters (via)

In particular, women action selfies (while they were doing sports ) were turned into stencil art, or a form of graffiti that is known and has become famous all over the world thanks to the British street artist Banksy.

Nike Instaposters (via)
Nike Instaposter
Nike Instaposters (via)
Nike Instaposters (via)
Nike Instaposters (via)

It was a surprise when images of women were shared on Instagram with their girlfriends presented next to posters on the streets, it was done in real time. Of course, before doing this surprise Nike contacted women’s friends to avoid problems related to the privacy.

nike instaposters 2
Nike Instaposters (via)

This action has had so much success that motivated more women to post their action selfie on Instagram. It resulted in sharing more than 27,000 photos on Instagram with the hashtag #BetterForIt and more than 3 million people have seen Instaposter on the city streets during the Nike Women marathon that was held in June in Moscow.

For me Nike represents a real example of an endless creativity that inspires people to be more active in life, face up to problems, take up the challenge growing more and more professionally and being always in line with their “BetterForIt “☺

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