Burger King’s new subway ad can whet your appetite.

the subway grill shelf

Burger King, famous American global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, has come up with a smart solution of using the subway luggage shelves to create an optical illusion as if burgers are grilled directly in the subway car. You can experience it in South Korea.

Subway rides can be long, monotonous and boring. Commuters are often glued to their handheld devices to kill time without noticing anything around. It’s time to look up and shut down all these displays. Burger King takes you into the world of its juicy flame-grilled burgers!🍔🍔🍔

Just looking at these new tantalizing posters placed on the subway shelves makes your mouth water and you can hardly keep yourself from taking the patty. It can also arouse a desire to get off the train and rush to the nearest Burger King restaurant.

Burger King: The Subway Grill Shelf (via)

This juicy patty is an optical illusion to tease your stomach. In particular, an entire train has been packed with a series of Burger King posters and riders watch as if patties being grilled on the subway luggage shelves right in front of their eyes. Who can resist this yummy and appetizing burger? Not me, that’s for sure! 😉

Burger King: The Subway Grill Shelf (via)

This idea crossed Dongeon Lee’s mind, a student from the Hongik University in Seoul and was brought to life by the ad agency Cheil, South Korea for Burger King. What do you think of it? 🙂

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How to add value to your direct mail campaign. An alarming letter!

When in doubt if direct mail marketing is useful today, I recommend you pay attention to this example. The Swedish alarm company Sector Alarm has recently come up with an interesting idea for its direct mail – an alarming letter – to grab consumer’s attention and showcase its service. To find out more, continue reading!

You might think that direct mail has gone the way of the dinosaur, but it is not true. It is not a forgotten form of advertising either! Companies continue using ‘old-school’ techniques including direct mail because they know that they still work.

Sector Alarm An Alarming Letter


Despite the rise of digital media, direct mail is still a viable and effective strategy in the marketing mix: it is more personalized and tailored for a specific audience but it also an awesome tool that allows to deliver a tangible message to your target audience and encourage interaction.

Just like any other marketing tactics, direct mail is continually changing and evolving alongside the tremendous advances in technology to create a unique and powerful bond with the audience.

Nowadays making your direct mail piece stand out amongst the others and getting your brand noticed isn’t as simple as it used to be. Today consumers are bombarded with countless emails and advertisements every single day while they respond to only a few of them. People spend less than a minute scanning your message before they decide whether it’s worth their time and effort to read it.

Sector Alarm An Alarming Letter


So, to create an immediate impact on potential consumers and to arouse their curiosity about the service, the Sector Alarm partnering with agency Milk have recently created an alarming letterthe direct mail that you won’t ignore! How did they succeed in it? By installing an alarm in an envelope that goes off when the letter is opened. Who doesn’t react to the sound of an alarm?


To my mind, it is a perfect example of how direct mail can be a powerful and effective marketing tool that, when executed properly, delivers great results for your business. Don’t overlook the power of direct mail! 📬📩 🙂

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Van Gogh Bnb: the secret of successful campaign.

The ad campaign that has grabbed my attention this week is the ‘Van Gogh Bnb,’ a project that was created to arouse people’s interest in the ‘Van Gogh’s Bedrooms,’ a temporary exhibition held at the Art Institute of Chicago in collaboration with Airbnb! This campaign has won four Golds at the 2016 CLIO Awards and three Golden Lions at the 63rd Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity! Not bad, isn’t it? Let’s see it in action.

Vincent van Gogh’s ‘The Bedroom’, or ‘Bedroom in Arles’ is considered to be one of the most famous paintings in the world. There are 3 versions of ‘The Bedroom,’ created by the artist from 1888 to 1889, hang in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Paris’s Musée d’Orsay and Chicago’s Art Institute. The ‘Van Gogh’s Bedrooms’ exhibition in Chicago reunites all these three versions for the first time in North America.

Van Gogh Bnb (via)

The Art Institute of Chicago in partnership with the agency Leo Burnett and AirBnb, recreated the painting. What is more, instead of just looking at the painting, people were invited to spend a night inside Van Gogh’s room to get closer to the artist! We can read from the listing on the website that ‘this room will make you feel like you’re living in a painting. It’s decorated in a Post-Impressionist style, reminiscent of Southern France and times gone by. Its furniture, bright colors, and artwork will give you the experience of a lifetime.’

Well, they didn’t stop there. The most incredible thing I’ve ever heard was that the room was hosted by Van Gogh himself and rented to everyone on Airbnb at a price as much as $10 with explanation ’I’m charging $10 for no other reason than that I need to buy paint. However, I will be happy to provide you with tickets to my exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago.’ Smart move, isnt’it?

Van Gogh Bnb
Van Gogh Bnb (via)

People were thrilled! The first block of nights were sold out in 5 minutes after the project was launched. Withing one week the story had been covered by media in over 100 countries. The ‘Van Gogh’s Bedrooms’ exhibition online tickets sale up 250% and it was the highest attend exhibit in 15 years!

Van Gogh Bnb (via)

Futhermore, for “Van Gogh BnB,” project Leo Burnett Chicago got a lot of awards: six Cannes Lions, including one Gold Lion and two Silver Lions in Direct, and two Gold Lions and one Silver Lion in Promo & Activation at the 63rd Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity that was held in June.

In addition, the agency has also won six Clios: four golds in the Brand Design, Out of Home, Branded Entertainment and Engagement/Experiential categories and silver in the Public Relations category and bronze in Direct. The campaign had a great success!


To my mind, this is the sort of campaign that shows how powerful the experiential marketing and storytelling can be to engage with consumers on a deeper, emotional level.

What to you think of it? 😉

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TAKE5 Candy Bar: the first-ever playable packaging.

Hershey, the famous confectionery brand has recently launched ‘Remixer,’a limited-edition package for its TAKE5 bar that allows to create music with no app required!

You might notice the rise of  interactive packaging. And it’s obvious! Interactive packaging is more than just attractive graphics. It’s a great way to make a product stand out on the shop shelves and grab people’s attention. It makes a product more appealing, memorable and useful.

So, the confectionery giant Hershey has come up with a smart idea. Partnering with the agency Barkley, the brand has released the ‘Remixer,’ the first-ever interactive packaging that turns into a beat box. By ‘remixing’ its TAKE5’s Bar five classic flavors – chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, pretzels, and peanuts –the company ‘remixing’ the way their consumers experience music.

TAKE5 Remixer (via)

Are you curious to know how it works? According to the brand, using conductive ink and touch sensors, TAKE5 Remixer lets you create over 30,000 track combinations. Moreover, it doesn’t require an app to run. Isn’t it genius?!

I think, TAKE5 Remixer is a fantastic example of how brands can use new technologies to add something defferent to make their product stand out.

Whach the video below and share your views! 😉


Sourse: Hershey

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Enjoy your morning coffee while reading a newspaper.

With the Headline Coffee, a new subscription box from the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper, you can get your coffee straight to your door! Every month you have the opportunity to explore new coffee flavours from different parts of the world. Isnt’ it fantastic!

Subscription business trend has been growing rapidly over the last few years. There is a wide range of subscription boxes to choose from, such as cosmetics samplers, luxury beauty products , organic food or suppliers to your next DIY projects. Even newspapers, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal both have wine clubs.

To be on trend, the Toronto Star decided to introduce a new subscription service, called Headline Coffee, which aimes to provide their subscribers with a great coffee experience by offering them a high-quality, Fairtrade certified coffee bag shipped right to their door for just $20 CDN monthly. 📰☕️🗞

Headline Coffee & Toronto Star (via)

What is more, every month you can discover a new taste, read the story behind your coffee and its beans including tips and tricks for brewing it right. It’s a good idea to sign up right now to get October’s coffee that comes from the province of North Sumatra, Indonesia. You’ll enjoy a spicy flavour and herbal aroma! ☕️☕️🍮☕️

Headline Coffee: October’s Discovery (via)

Headline Coffee is currently available only in Ontario, Canada. Don’t miss the chance to try it! 😉

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Coca-cola makes us feel the magic.

To let the magic begin, Coca-Cola invited Justin Flom, a famous American magician to perform in its new ‘Taste the magic’ ad.

When you think about emotional marketing, such brand as Coca-Cola immediately cross your mind. It’s one of the most recognized and beloved soft drink brands in the world. It’s also well-known for its memorable campaigns aimed at spreading the feeling of joy and happiness! Coca-Cola is always full of interesting concepts. This time the brand invites us to ‘Taste the magic’ in it’s latest TV spot!

In the spot a waiter brings bottles of Coca-Cola to a group of young people. One of the girls notices that she did not order the regular Coke. To rectify his mistake a waiter, with a sleight of hand starts turning the Coca-Cola bottle into Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola Light and Coca-Cola Life in front of amazed people’s eyes!


This TV spot is a part of Coca-Cola’s new ‘One Brand’ strategy and was done by agency David to promote Coca-Cola’s new packaging. It will air in five continents.

You might remember Lewis Carroll’s quote

Everyone wants some magical solution to their problem 

and everyone refuses to believe in magic.

Do you sill believe in magic? 😉

Resourse: AdWeek

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Best way to communicate joy!

The Muchimuchi agency in Paris has created an emoji-inspired Direct Marketing campaign to mark joy and happiness with its clients and suppliers!

The recipe of this campaign is quite simple: ‘A touch of creativity and a whole lot of gourmandise, to put an end to the prevailing pessimism.’

This year the agency has released a tasty emoji-inspired Greeting Card to make something special as a gift for the clients and suppliers! Intriguing, isn’t it?

As you might know , ‘muchimuchi’ means ‘hello’ in Japanese, so the idea to use emojis seems obvious. In order to engage its clients in a fun and friendly way, the Muchimuchi agency released a special set of yellow macarons inspired by popular emoji icons. Who could resist getting such a sweet Greeting Card? As for me, I couldn’t help writing about this campaign.

Greeting Card (via)

Isn’t it a smart way to say a friendly hello to its clients? 😉

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Sephora presented the first ever live face projection mapping show.

Several months ago in Spain Sephora created its marvelous digital campaign to launch Kat Von D Beauty makeup line. Let’s take a look at how woman’s face turns into an incredible real-time face projection mapping. It can simply blow your mind!

Nowadays projection mapping (also known as video mapping and spatial augmented reality) has become a real phenomenon. This new artistic technique, that allows to transform any surface of buildings or objects into a dynamic video display, can often be seen at live events, such as concerts, theatrical performances, fashion shows and even some face projection mapping videos. Just remember these tremendous kaleidoscopic interactive projections on the Sydney Opera House at the Australian festival of lights, the incredible 3D projection mapping on the facade of Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater at the ‘Circle of Light’ Moscow International Festival or more recently held a live-streamed projection on the Eiffel Tower for the UN climate change conference 2015 and Omote, the spot where a model’s face turns into the projection mapped digital makeup. Simply stunning!

Live face projection mapping (via)

An Interactive Experiential Agency Wildbytes stood out from the rest. It took the projection mapping to the next level adding a completely new element to live performances. What made Wildbytes particularly remarkable is that it managed to create the world’s first face projection mapping performance that was showcased at a live event in which you could discover how projected visual effects and digital makeup transformed the face of the tattoo artist Kat Von D live on stage in front of a crowded audience. It demonstrated, thereby, Kat Von D´s process of artistic creation of her makeup line. All in real-time and no post-production added.

Live face projection mapping (via)

According to Wildbytes’ website, the agency created a live face projection mapping show where ‘the projector renders a 3D model of the performer on stage, and using a 5-camera head tracking system, it follows the face movements of the performer in real-time, at 240 frames per second. This creates a second layer of ever-evolving visual effects that are overlaid on top of the skin, augmenting it in real-time.’

Live face projection mapping (via)

To launch this live digital makeup performance, the agency designed an integrated campaign ‘to activate the tattoo artist fan base in Spain, and boost awareness around Kat Von D Beauty: Influencers, unboxings, social contests and other pieces were part of the master plan. They all drove massive attention to the launch.’

Live face projection mapping (via)

The live face projection was amazing! I got amazed to see Kat Von D’s face changing. Her face transformed into flowers, butterflies, and other patterns using this digital makeup technique. 🙂

Have a nice watching! Seeing is believing! 🙂


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Lenovo’s transformer clothes.

When tech meets fashion, incredible and crazy things might happen, as for example, a screen Jacket by Lenovo, a jacket that turns into a projector screen.

Lenovo France has recently introduced its latest novelty – YOGA Tab 3 Pro, a tablet with a built-in projector that enables you to watch presentations and movies or something else on the project screen. The idea seems great, but what if you don’t have any surface at hand to show the image?

Taking into account this fact, Lenovo with ad agency Ogilvy&Mather, Paris, France have come up with an inventive solution: a custom made jacket that becomes a portable projector screen. A special feature of this jacket is that you can project what you want anywhere. To start using the Lenovo Screen Jacket it’s enough to take the jacket off and turn it inside out.

Lenovo Screen Jacket (via)
Lenovo Screen Jacket (via)

What’s really exciting is that this jacket is more than just an accessory for Yoga Tab 3 Pro, it’s a real piece of fashion clothing. To make it wearable Lenovo has invited famous designers from French fashion label Pantheone such as Felipe Pantone, Janine Rewell, JeanSpezial and Yogo Honda, so that you can wear it even as a casual item. All jackets are of different colours to wear them in everyday life. Only white is inside to use it as a widescreen surface for Yoga Tab 3 Pro.


This gadget is a ingenious discovery. It’s so exciting to see how fashion and technology are fusing together every time to break new ground. How do you like the idea of a jacket with the logo of Lenovo? 🙂

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Have you already created #SocialSalad?

It’s the Bonduelle Italy’s first salad mix made by consumers from its web community.

The era of the passive consumers is over. Today’s consumers are active participants and active co-creators of products and service models. They enjoy being constantly involved in the activities of their favorite brands. In this case digital technologies and social media enable them to engage with brands in more unique ways than ever before.

Thus the #SocialSalad, an initiative launched recently by Bonduelle Italy and created in collaboration with its consumers was born.

The idea is as follows: Bonduelle Italy invites its Facebook fans to create their own favorite salad mix based on their tastes. Every four months consumers have to choose the ingredient they like most to match it with a basic salad proposals from Bonduelle and then vote it on the Bonduelle Facebook page and on its website. After the announcement of the salad combination winner the brand puts it on sale in supermarkets that will be available for 4 months.

Bonduelle Italy #Socialsalad
Bonduelle Italy #Socialsalad (via)

The first #Socialsalad winner is a mix of ‘lamb’s lettuce, chicory leaves and black olives!’ Good choice, isnt’it? You can see it on the shelves of your supermarket since November 4th.

What is more, I was impressed to see the packaging full of references related to social network and the hashtag in the name of the #Socialsalad campaign that shows directly the real involvement of social network audience in the realization of the project! Great!

Bonduelle Italy #Socialsalad (via)
Bonduelle Italy #Socialsalad (via)

If you like the idea, you can create the next #Socialsalad starting from February. 😉

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