Burger King’s new subway ad can whet your appetite.

Burger King, famous American global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, has come up with a smart solution of using the subway luggage shelves to create an optical illusion as if burgers are grilled directly in the subway car. You can experience it in South Korea.

Subway rides can be long, monotonous and boring. Commuters are often glued to their handheld devices to kill time without noticing anything around. It’s time to look up and shut down all these displays. Burger King takes you into the world of its juicy flame-grilled burgers!🍔🍔🍔

Just looking at these new tantalizing posters placed on the subway shelves makes your mouth water and you can hardly keep yourself from taking the patty. It can also arouse a desire to get off the train and rush to the nearest Burger King restaurant.

Burger King: The Subway Grill Shelf (via)

This juicy patty is an optical illusion to tease your stomach. In particular, an entire train has been packed with a series of Burger King posters and riders watch as if patties being grilled on the subway luggage shelves right in front of their eyes. Who can resist this yummy and appetizing burger? Not me, that’s for sure! 😉

Burger King: The Subway Grill Shelf (via)

This idea crossed Dongeon Lee’s mind, a student from the Hongik University in Seoul and was brought to life by the ad agency Cheil, South Korea for Burger King. What do you think of it? 🙂

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39 thoughts on “Burger King’s new subway ad can whet your appetite.

  1. Questa campagna visual è davvero buffa! Mi piace! Attira l’attenzione anche senza un payoff particolarmente forte e incisivo. è davvero un utilizzo del “Visual” integrato con il contesto di installazione. Credo che questa campagna sfrutti molto alcune tecniche delle installazioni di arte urbana contemporanea!

  2. I think it’s great! What a creative idea, I feel like to have the talent to think up an ad so out of the box like that, you’re either both with that kind o creative brain or not…I’m not.

  3. I really had to look, check, watch again haha. This is awesome! I think it’s a great idea to gain attention. And to make a subway trip more exciting. And I can imagine that it will work. If you’re going home in the subway, hungry. Looking at these burgers. You can already imagine eating them1 I know I would be tempted to go to Burger King and have one.
    Besides that: I love when ads are fun! Too many of them are so boring. Happy to see Burger King being inventive.

  4. About 90% of fastfood chains ad had very enticing ads that you will make so hungry and you want to buy it. And in reality after you paid your order, you will end up disappointed because its not what you expect.

    A good photo editor and some sprinkle of chemicals can make customers buy the ads.

  5. Oh, looks pretty clean and delicious ads! That optical illusuin is a fantastic idea. It doesn’t make me a customer to Burger King but makes good for the brannd though.

  6. Another interesting campaign! This would definitely make me hungry haha.
    We don’t have Burger King in my city, so I never ate there. Not even when I was visiting other countries. For some reason I always end up at McDonald’s.

  7. Thus is a very smart and innovative way of advertising! I always thought tube advertising wasnt effective at all but this will surely make people notice! I’m sure it won’t be long until other countries adopt this form of advertising. Ree love30

  8. Cosa ne penso? piuttosto influenzabile alquanto bizzarra, questo Dongeon Lee è un genio! è in grado di catturare l’attenzione del consumatore anche senza frasi e parole, ma piuttosto punta sull’immagine (effetto ottico) che già di per sé è di fortissimo impatto.

  9. I love how creative these ads are getting. I can’t quite figure out how they places the burger patty image on it but I am impressed! Also, I find it incredible how clean their subway is…I wish it was that clean here lol!

  10. I think the ad is sure gonna do great for people who do fast food… sincerely I’m really not much of a fast food eater and I don’t even think we’ve got any burger king around here… but it really is a good way of catching d people of those who like fast food too…, people feeding their eyes while taking the subway which is usually a boring ride, is truly a brilliant idea brought into reality by that advert… that’s why I said it’s an amazing idea.

  11. I’ve never been in a subway because there’s no subway in my place but I that’s really a creative advertisement! I guess I’m gonna run to King Burger when I’m hungry and I accidentally see this ad hahaha. Hoping for more creative ads like this!

  12. Oooooooh! i love optical illusion artwork! Plus a burger king opened up near us recently
    I like that the origin of this ad came from a students mind and it’s never a bad thing for an agency to accept outside concepts…
    Great post Euge, I wanna travel on that subway now

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