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To understand better what brand means you should immagine a shop where there are boxes and bottles without labels and names. How can we choose what we need in this case? How to do the shopping and select a better product that meet our expectations?

In this uneasy process a brand enables to make the right choise and helps consumers to look into a wide range of products or services.

It simplifies a product recognition and helps a consumer to make a clear decision in their purchase process. In my opinion, a brand is not just a name (Apple), or logo ( a Nike swoosh), a slogan (always Coca Cola, Mc’Donald’s I’m lovin’ it) or mix of these elements, but it also perceptions that reflects a company in consumers’eyes.

A brand catches consumers’ interest and also represents a culture and life style, as in the example of a beverage Gatorade, that has been developed for professional athletes and for those who like to do sports.

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  1. Il brand diventa per me uno status symbol, io ad esempio sono legata ad alcuni brand da sempre e non li cambierei perché fanno parte del mio modo di essere

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