Brainstorming with Mitsubishi

Ad agency Publicis, Israel launched a creative campaign for a famous brand Mitsubishi that inspires potential consumers to use proper mental abilities to choose a right car.

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The idea is not a new one, it has been already used in various advertising campaigns for such brands as Mercedes-Benz (“Left brain, Right brain”) or Curry from agency Dentsu Inc., Japan (“What happens to your brain?”), but the concept remains the same: a contrast between two cerebral hemispheres (a left brain has a logical, analytic and strategic insight and a right brain represents emotions and creative solutions in a decision making process). These two parts create integrity.

In this print ad you can see a visual that represents a map of the area with the off-road vehicle, it seems as if it is a brain devided in two parts; on the left there is a packshot of the car Mitsubishi Pajero with a body copy: “most people use only a small percentage of its abilities and a you’re not like most people” making it possible to understand that to make a right decision of a vehicle it is necessary to valuate pros and cons and after all a key of a right choice is to use more creativity ( or a right brain instead of a left, that is a part of a rationality and pragmatism).

To sum up, this concept of combination of points of contact creates a perfect compliance between technology, innovation, design and passion.

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9 thoughts on “Brainstorming with Mitsubishi

  1. The theme of the cerebral hemispheres is now of current importance for me because I’ve just read a book on psychology. This print ad is though new and creative! While advertising professionals incline us to make a rational decision, most people will accept it as creative component! And the left hemisphere is responsible for creativity that is more common for women. Although, advertising is clearly designed for men. But who said that women do not like off-road vehicles? 😉

  2. This is indeed a great way to advertise. It is interesting advertising and using the visual of the left and right brain with the Mitsubishi on the creative side is brilliant I believe. Thanks for sharing this campaign and the concept.

  3. Haha, very clever advertisement! I am considering Mitsubishi when it comes to car brands, maybe in the near future when I can afford!

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