BMW launched ‘The Moving Billboard’ to get your car ready for winter!

With winter on its way, it’s time to start preparing your vehicle for winter driving. To raise awareness about the benefits of winter tyres, BMW and AIR Brussels created ‘The Moving Billboard.’

Winter weather can be unpredictable and make driving treacherous and stressful. Ice, snow, freezing rain and fog increase the risks on roads. This is where winter tires come into play.

In most EU countries, including Belgium, winter tyres for cars are not mandatory. However, experts recommend you switch your tyres from summer to winter. When the temperature drops below 7°C, even if there is no snow, summer tyres become less efficient and winter tyres are much better adapted to winter conditions as they have special rubber compounds designed to improve traction, handling and braking not only on snow, slush and ice but also on wet and frozen roads.🚘🌨🌧


BMW: The Moving Billboard (via)

To reveal the difference, BMW in partnership with agency Air Brussels have created ‘The Moving Billboard,’ a billboard that tells you about the advantages of winter tyres and demonstrates them.

The idea is as follows: a seemingly ordinary billboard was installed alongside a busy road in Brussels, so when drivers stop in front of a red light, the billboard suddenly starts moving backwards, showing the message on the screen: ‘In winter you would only have stopped here.’ This means that driving a car with winter tyres is less risky and the braking distance is shorter.


Take care of yourselves and others on the road! How about swapping your summer tyres for winter ones? 😉

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32 thoughts on “BMW launched ‘The Moving Billboard’ to get your car ready for winter!

  1. Inizio a pensare, grazie ai tuoi articoli, che il Belgio sia davvero all’avanguardia nelle campagne pubblicitarie innovative su installazioni stradali! Io vino in un posto in cui non è affatto necessario mettere pneumatici invernali (Salento, Sud Italia), mentre quando vivevo a Milano o a Siena era assolutamente indispensabile. Considerando il numero di persone che non provengono da posti troppo freddi, quindi non abituati a conoscere le difficoltà della guida invernale, una campagna con foto e payoff potrebbe non bastare.

  2. I definitely need to get my tires checked! My husband and I just moved to eastern TN (where there is snow!) from California (where there is absolutely NO snow!). So, I need to be extra sure that my car is ready to make the transition too!

  3. I wish they’d launch a new BMW into my parking lot, hehehe

    billboards are far more advanced than they were just a few years ago. It’s crazy what can be done (in a good way)

  4. I love how they brought this issue to light. I know how difficult it can be driving in the winter as I used to live in Canada–it can be so stressful driving in the snow! It definitely helps having winter tires!

  5. This is a great idea – in Finland (that’s where I’m from) everyone has to change their winter wheels on by a certain date each year and people are use to driving in the snow and ice, but here in London any snowfall creates are really hazardous driving conditions because cars slip around in their summer wheels. Doesn’t happen very often tough 🙂

    xo Karoliina Kazi |

  6. We’re pretty much used to all the snow and ice & as Karoliina said we must change our wheels when the time comes. If I remember correctly it’s by end of this month? Although we’ve already changed ours because we recently got a plenty of snow here haha 😀
    This sounds like a great idea!

  7. BMW’s advertising team is really doing their job well! This one is impressive and it is the first “mobile” advertising I’ve seen. They wanted to get their points across, and I’m sure they did. Thanks for sharing!

  8. This is a great marketing strategy and ad, a very cool and creative idea. Here is Austria, all winter tyres need to on your car November 1st or face paying a fine,

  9. That’s a brilliant way to advertise your products! I love it! And it’s going to keep people who own BMWs safe during the winter as well!

  10. The billboard is actually moving? That’s an interesting one. Very very original idea. I would be surprised to see that on the road! I never change tires by the way. Maybe I should think about it now! It’s great to read about these unique ways of advertising via your website!

  11. THIS IS BRILLIANT! I live in Germany and winter can come earlier and stay longer than predicted. BMW did it again. Good marketing of a good product.

  12. What a brilliant marketing strategy and initiative by BMW to serve the community! I stay in Florida and therefore, we don’t have to bother about winters!

  13. What a genius idea, you have to be a very creative marketer to come up with something like this. I know how important is to change your tires. In my home country you even get a fine if a policeman stops you in winter and you have your summer tires. Because we get a lot of snow and ice for about 3 months every year.

  14. Such a wonderful marketing idea from BMW and I love how they are using it to serve the community on the other hand. The campaign on the advantages of winter tyres is just amazing that many would go for it right away!

  15. Intriguing concept and marketing idea. My parents have always been more a fan of BMW but still I love the safety measures this campaign promotes as we’ve all seen one too many a movie where there’s a car accident in the snow.

  16. Such a Brilliant Idea. I really like the kind of billboards emerging these days. Just saw one at a bus station where the billboard would yawn and all the bystanders would start yawning because they were proving the fact that 70% of the times yawn is contagious. This one is also very interactive. Amazing execution.

  17. Hey that’s a cool idea. I wish something like this could be happening right where I stay in India. I can imagine how intrigued I would have been.

  18. Davvero interessantissimo spot, proietta nell’avanguardia della tecnologia di un paese sempre più avanzato come il Belgio. Non ho mai visto un cartellone pubblicitario muoversi per le strade, e secondo me è davvero un’ottima invenzione in quanto il messaggio “In inverno voi avreste solo fermato qui” può attirare l’attenzione e rimanere più impresso nella mente dei passanti. Nel marketing funziona alla grande!

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