Billboards that make you sweat.

Powerade has introduced the world’s first interactive billboards that invite people to join in testing their physical strength. They have been set on the streets of Berlin.

Billboards are considered to be the most common examples of Outdoor Advertising. They are designed to grab people’s attention and create a memorable impression very quickly, leaving people to think about the advertisement when they come across while driving or passing.

Billboards represent a very wide spectrum of creativity for advertisers. Agencies invent new ways to use them to catch attention and imagination of their target audience.

A groundbreaking idea crossed advertisers mind from Ogilvy&Mather, Berlin. They created billboards for Powerade that make you sweat.

Powerade Workout Billboards
Powerade Workout Billboards (via)

Advertisers managed to transform simple street billboards into real workout machines. Passersby can try out any of the three billboards. The first represents a climbing wall that scrolls. It enables anyone to exercise until he or she gets tired. The second one is a lat machine that allows you to pull the whole billboard up and finally there is a punching machine to find out how strong your punch is.


After finishing with their workout, people are given free bottles of Powerade to quench and restore their energy levels. Those who participated had fun!

I take leave to remark that these innovative billboards are brilliant example of how advertising and technology perfectly work together. This novelty fits exactly in the tagline of the campaign “You have more power than you think!”. All you have to do is believe in yourself!

24 thoughts on “Billboards that make you sweat.

  1. Wow what a fantastic idea, I could see that this would make the product even more interesting because you get to try it out. I love the videos showing that anyone can try them out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cool concepts for a billboard. It’s nice to get people’s attention by asking them to get involved. Good for marketing!

  3. I think this interactive billboard idea is great. I love that it actually engages consumers and offers a chance to really check out the product. The state I live in has a ban on billboards, but something like this really does seem to have more of a positive impact rather than just being an eyesore.

  4. in tempi di realtà virtuale, un advertising visual che sia anche “toccabile” è una rivoluzione! Avevo visto, non ricordo dove, dei cartelloni che sono anche pensiline che riparano dalla pioggia o pedane per disabili! bellissime idee!

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