Billboard that gives out free massages.

Holidays finished. It’s time to work. A new working week has begun. A hectic life started again. How about relaxing after long hours of work? There is nothing better than a good massage that helps you feel better and refreshed. With Kit Kat’s massage billboards you no longer need to go to the spa! Doesn’t it seem incredible?

The famous chocolate bar Kit Kat is well-known for its ‘have a break’ tagline that usually encourages people to take time out to enjoy a delicious chocolate crisp. This time the brand doesn’t offer people treats but gives them a break in a completely new way – it is a massage break!

To promote this concept in Colombia the brand by partnering with ad agencies J. Walter Thompson and Mindshare installed a series of billboards in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, one of the most stressful and chaotic cities in Latin America known for its high density population, traffic jams and overused public transport system.

These billboards aimed to help people reduce stress and relax. What else could you wish for? I wonder how they managed to make this idea real.

Kit Kat Massage Billboard (via)
Kit Kat Massage Billboard (via)

They set up billboards in bus shelters around the city and turned them into the ‘mini massage parlors.’ While waiting for the bus, people were invited to relax through a call-to-action message on the billboard screen: ‘Come. I will give you a massage’ (in Spanish ‘Ven, Yo doy masajes en mi Break’ ). So, when a passersby leaned against the billboard, it would start vibrating and give a quick and pleasant mini back massage.

Kit Kat Massage Billboard (via)
Kit Kat on Twitter (via)

What is more, the billboards were geo-located on Google Maps to help people find them easily. Every time someone tweeted the words ‘tired’ or ‘stressed,’ the location details of where to find the nearest Kit Kat massage billboard popped up.


This campaign without doubt was very successful. Who could resist the temptation to get a good massage? 😉

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16 thoughts on “Billboard that gives out free massages.

  1. hahahahah! what a unique and crazy idea!
    Massage board haha, I so wanna try this out.
    Thanks for keeping me updated & informed.
    When I was in Japan I had a strawberry flavored Kit Kat, it was delicious.
    Haven’t found it since though

  2. Credo che a Milano una campagna simile “sfonderebbe”! Davvero, già mi immagino tutti i top manager appoggiati alle pensiline per avere un po’ di relax! Secondo me prima o poi lo faranno 🙂

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