Best way to communicate joy!

The Muchimuchi agency in Paris has created an emoji-inspired Direct Marketing campaign to mark joy and happiness with its clients and suppliers!

The recipe of this campaign is quite simple: ‘A touch of creativity and a whole lot of gourmandise, to put an end to the prevailing pessimism.’

This year the agency has released a tasty emoji-inspired Greeting Card to make something special as a gift for the clients and suppliers! Intriguing, isn’t it?

As you might know , ‘muchimuchi’ means ‘hello’ in Japanese, so the idea to use emojis seems obvious. In order to engage its clients in a fun and friendly way, the Muchimuchi agency released a special set of yellow macarons inspired by popular emoji icons. Who could resist getting such a sweet Greeting Card? As for me, I couldn’t help writing about this campaign.

Greeting Card (via)

Isn’t it a smart way to say a friendly hello to its clients? 😉

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41 thoughts on “Best way to communicate joy!

  1. That’s awesome! I didn’t know about this until now. Emojis are making waves these days from cookies to pillows. This is a good addition!

  2. This is literally so funny and such a great way to express how you feel to somebody. I mean if I would wanna say “I like you” but stressed about it I can just give a heart emoji as gift lol.

  3. vorrei tanto che li vendessero in italia perchè sarebbe un bellissimo modo per salutare/fare un augurio di buona giornata alle persone con le quali in genere parlo via whazzup ma che vorrei vedere più spesso di persona 🙂

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