Audi has made a next generation brochure: Audi TT brochure hack.

The German automotive giant created an interactive Audi TT brochure hack that inspires you with the futuristic feature.

Audi is well-known for its attractive design, high-quality materials and impeccable build quality. And is also known for progressive engineering that focuses on innovative and intelligent technology that anticipates drivers’ needs.

The Audi’s latest innovation is the Audi TT brochure hack that takes the Direct Marketing experience to a new, appropriate level. Audi TT brochure hack is an augmented touch-based journey via the Virtual Cockpit which shows all information digitally on a TFT display. The Audi TT is the first model to feature such innovative technology.

Audi TT brochure hack (via)

What amazed me most is that by using conductive ink, the traditional brochure becomes a smart interface with embedded Bluetooth chip. You can just press a button on a paper and the brochure interacts with your smartphone.

Audi TT brochure hack (via)

What you need to do is launch the app and simply place your smartphone on the page to get started. The app syncs automatically with brochure. Touching the hot spots on the page you can navigate every aspect on the display and voicover helps you to understand better each feature. You can also configure the vehicle with exterior features such as headlights, exterior colour and road wheels and request a test drive to feel the experience of the new Audi TT cockpit.


This technology allows brand to stay up-to-date with consumers and make their initiatives real. It is a good way to build an ongoing dialogue with consumers and engage them.

In my opinion Audi’s cutting edge technology is a worthy example of successful marketing strategies and fits perfectly its slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik “ which means “Advancement through technology.” 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Audi has made a next generation brochure: Audi TT brochure hack.

  1. It’s amazing the things these big brands are now doing with digital marketing! I’m a sucker for these gadgets and apps too and I’m certain I’m not the only one!

  2. Oh wow that sounds and looks amazing! I don’t know pf any other company that has do e something quute this creative before! Go Audi!!

  3. Wow ! This is EPIC ! I’d love to try this out ! But what makes me sad is seeing all that new tech taking ages to come to the masses, just like all the connection devices and intuitive information on screen we should have inside cars and that we’ve heard for so long now. But this feature opens also something impressively interesting about regular paperwork that could be interactive and connected to our devices.

  4. That is actually a pretty cool feature. I am amazed on how far the technology has gone these days. Not long ago, maybe a few years back, I’ve experienced a video postcard and I was amazed on how a video can run on a piece of cardboard without any electricity.

  5. My goodness…all the high tech bring us into the advance in modern life. There is no doub, Audi is one of the auto brand that knows how to do strategies for successful marketing .

  6. Amazing,
    Every day I learn something totally new. Audi has never been on my mind when dreaming about a second car but now I’m interested in seeing more. Nice app

  7. OMG the Audi TT is my ultimate dream car. I’ve been in love with it since I was a kid.
    Plus in the book I’m currently reading, the main character has an audi TT, so already love the book hahah

  8. Incredibile! Questa brochure di Audu mi fa riflettere su come la tecnologia e l’interattività abbiano cambiato non solo l’utilizzo dei prodotti aquistati ma anche l’esperienza dia cquisto stessa, che è più personle, diretta e intima. Credo che questo tipo di prodotto renda il consumatore meno passivo.

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