Are you eager to expand your career horizons?

I get amazed any time when I see Ambient or Guerrilla marketing ads, they never stop surprising me. This time what has caught my eye is the campaign held by Edith Cowan University in Australia to help teenagers choose their study program.

Choosing the right university course that perfectly suits your needs is vital because it can affect your future career and prepare you for brighter future.

So! Edith Cowan University (ECU) had the idea to give teens a hand to make the right choice. How? By creating an ambient marketing campaign “Futures at your feet”.

All they needed was to find right tools designed to meet their interests. In particular, twelve vinyl decals on the floor were created, each of them was loaded with gear that showed different ECU courses.

Edith Cowan University “Features at your feet"
Edith Cowan University “Features at your feet” (via)

Potential students were invited to step into the decals to find out which course is the most relevant for them. As soon as they found the right one they were able to take a picture and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #ECUOpenDay. It enabled them to take part in the career open day where they were they could ask all questions regarding their future courses.

Edith Cowan University “Features at your feet” (via)

The campaign worked. The results were amazing: attendance numbers increased by 4000, while the #ECUOpenDay hashtag usage achieved great success! The campaign received over 3400 Likes.


To my mind, it is essential that we know there’s nothing we can’t achieve. We have the world at our feet if we do our best. 😉

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19 thoughts on “Are you eager to expand your career horizons?

  1. Raise your children if they work and study they will achieve. There will be set backs. My husband served in the air force, helped raise three kids and it took 18 years but he made all the way to his master degree. My children had that can do attitude and all of them have earned degrees. Double major in included.

  2. This is so awesome!!! That’s a clever campaign and I like that it gets students to think about the path they can take with their degree. A lot of the time, students (myself included) kind of go to university as the logical next step, without really having a good idea of where we’re going.

  3. That’s a cute campaign. Way to much pressure is put on our youth to choose the right career at an early age. It’s unreasonable to expect children to know what they want to do for LIFE by 18 years old. Any tools and help we can give them is essential in their success. It’s cute how they combined social media and instagram and hashtagsto encourage other kids to do the same.

  4. this is really really great!! I love this campaign! I love good companies able to create them. IN Italy this week the health ministry launched the very worst institutional campaign in the world about fertility, there were lots of complaints via social media and they were technically obliged to stop the campaign. So it’s amazing for me to see people around the world still able to make good publicity.

    1. Glad you love this campaign! I’ve heard about this campaign in Italy and it makes me so sad 🙁 Launching a new campaign is always hard work, but I think when you launch your marketing campaign, first off all, you have to understand that it all starts with knowing who is your target audience. The more you know about them, the easier it can be to reach them more effectively.

  5. questa campagna è davvero fatta da gente in gamba che sa il fatto suo! ha un bel messaggio, ha centrato il punto e lo scopo del committente e usa i social che i giovani amano di più- insomma, perfetta. nella settimana della tremenda campagna istituzionale italiana sul fertilityday, brutta, fuori tema e anche fuori luogo, è bello vedere che c’è chi questo lavoro lo sa davvero fare!

    1. Sì, la campagna sul Fertility Day andrebbe inserita nei programmi universitari come esempio su come NON si imposta una campagna di comunicazione. Sono riusciti nel difficile intento di sbagliare TUTTO: messaggio, modalità, grafica… Se non fosse un progetto istituzionale e ministeriale, si potrebbe pensare ad uno scherzo, ma purtroppo è la triste realtà -.-

  6. Che meravigliosa iniziativa! *___* Date una medaglia a quei creativi! Il messaggio poi è così positivo che andrebbero fatti delgli striscioni in tutte le scuole del mondo: il futuro è ai tuoi piedi!

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