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In my opinion, a success of ad campaign depends on effective work of advertising agencies that create and launch promotional campaign.

The first ad agencies appeared in the United States in 1920s, and then spread all over the world.

A goal of ad agencies is to give life to ad campaigns and create a consumer interest around a product or service. Ad agency creates an idea then develops, and makes it real using the approppriate media channels (tv, radio, press, cinema, internet) and finally, creates a promotion strategy to deliver an advertising message.

A structure of advertising agency:

The Account Management department is responsible for establishing and maintaining good relationships with clients, establishing a budget plan, playing a coordinational role and taking control of ad campaign fulfilment.

Planning and Research department is responsible for the ad strategy planning, driving the strategic direction of each campaign, doing a market research and developing customer profiles.

Media department is responsible for planning and placing ads through a number of multiple media channels.

Creative department is responsible for a text, slogan, images creation for ad campaigns

Production department is responsible for production and idea realisation, suppliers search, time control and technology quality.

New Business department is responsible for new clients search. It is a mediator between clients and ad agency.

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  1. Mi piacerebbe saperne di più sul marketing e la comunicazione. Anche la pubblicità, per vendere meglio il mio prodotto. Mi sembra che tu abbia molta competenza.

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