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My name is Eugenia and I am from Moscow, Russia. This is my blog where I share my views on Advertising campaigns, Marketing Strategies, Social Media and other interesting issues.

I’ve always been interested in marketing and advertising.I graduated from Moscow University in Humanities, Department of Journalism, specializing in Advertising. After graduating from university, I gained a lot of good experience working for some international advertising agencies and local ad agencies in the position of Account Manager Executive with a promotion to Account Manager. I further specialized my knowledge by taking a 3-year course in Marketing: Account and Brand Management at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Rome.

Driven by the idea of continuous self-development and improving my professional skills, I decided to create a bilingual blog in English and Italian.



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  1. There are not so many blogs in advertising. Your blog is full of interesting things. It makes me so inspired! Good Luck!

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