A heart-rending spot from Budweiser during the Super Bowl XLIX.

Budweiser continues to surprise, creating a sequel of the last year’s heart – rending commecial. A new spot is on air during the Super Bowl XLIX games where the main hero is a “Lost dog” puppy, but not a beer.

A famous beer Budweiser in collaboration with agency Anomaly created a sequel of the last year’s heart-rending and sentimental Puppy love story about a labrador’s puppy. And this year a “Lost dog” spot has been launched and has gained a great success. In a few days it has got many Likes , Sharing and became a viral.

Budweiser: Lost Dog (via)

This spot shows a story of a little puppy, that has lost and is looking for a way home. A spot consists of several episodes: at first we can find a lonely puppy hiding in a box from the rain, with eyes full of hope and wishing to find his friends and home soon. He has been separated from his owner and his friends, Clydesdale horses. In the second episode we can see his owner who is posting missing dog flyers, promising a reward for his puppy friend return. And in the end it shows Clydesdale horses rescuing their lost puppy friend from a wolf.

It is a very emotional and heartwarming story, but where is the beer in the ad? This spot concludes just with Budweiser’s hashtag #Best Buds. I wonder, what advertisers keep in mind and what they want to achieve?


It is supposed that the best way to catch people’s attention is to create a story full of empathy and emotions. In my opinion this spot is a metaphor to Budweiser’s brand mission: maintaining strong relationships with consumers, including care, attention, friendship and telling them that the best buds is always with you and never let you down. That creates integrity and increase fidelity to the brand.

This ad touched me to tears. What about you? 😉

36 thoughts on “A heart-rending spot from Budweiser during the Super Bowl XLIX.

  1. I remembered this ad from last season. It was heart felt. It’s interesting to see a completely different approach for this year’s Super Bowl which was a lot bolder and strong.

  2. This reminds me when I had to take a course in Advertising and Promotional strategies we had to critique a commercial of a specific year. Class was so fun. I did a Doritos commercial for my in class assignment.

  3. Best way to get my attention is cute puppies! This commercial is so heart warming and sweet – I showed it to all of my roommates and shared it via email.

  4. That’s such an amazing and touching commercial. I’ve seen it quite a few times and I still get emotional!

  5. Budweiser always does a fantastic job with their advertising. I still remember their commercials from when I was a kid! And this one was no different, it was great!

  6. Puppies are always a great way to get people’s attention. I mean who doesn’t love a sweet little puppy in some hay? Although I rememeber watching this ad and thinking — this has nothing to do with beer. 🙂

  7. I saw this commercial. Didn’t know where they were going. But it worked out in the end. Very creative!

  8. Adorableness Overload!!!! puppy’s are like my kryptonite, seriously put a puppy in front of me and I’ll buy whatever you want.
    #BestBuds is such an awesome hashtag I’m going to use it from now on. Really emotional video for me especially after losing my Seth. He was like a son to me.

  9. che bello quando i pubblicitari, oltre a giocare con i concetti e con le immagini, giocano con i nomi del proprio brand! Bravissimi loro, che hanno accostato la parola “bud” al cucciolo amico!

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