A creative self-promotion campaign.

There is a good example of Direct Marketing that shows a non-traditional way to make your personal brand effective.

Nowadays it’s not easy to get a good job, not only in advertising, but also in other fields. Recruiters get thousands of CV’s every day from job seekers. Most recruiters spend few minutes scanning your CV. Only something unusual could attract their attention.

Of course, the first thing you need to do is impress recruiters. So your CV has to be eye-catching and standing out from the crowd, especially for those who are in design or advertising. You have to show that you are creative and full of outstanding ideas, and can come up with something new.

I suggest that you should watch an interesting example of unconventional Direct Marketing that was created by a young advertiser who aimed to communicate directly with the agencies to promote himself . The Direct marketing titled “No Sleep The Wake Up Call” has been done by a young art-director Martin Nørgaard Furze from Denmark, who shows himself as a tireless young creative who never sleeps and is always full of outstanding ideas 24 hours a day.

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In the video below you can see the guy that puts together a direct mail pieces that he is going to send to agencies in Copenhagen, hoping his job application is impactful and he will get a job of his dream soon.

The direct mail contains: No Sleep pills that can wake you up and allow you to continue working on your projects. Pills promise you a highly-effective mind.

It also includes a CV that looks like a doctor’s medicinal prescription and a business card printed on a pillow with his contacts on the back. All this stuff has been inserted in a number of boxes and he has delivered them on his own to agencies around Copenhagen.

The result is impressive. Just in a few days the mails started to arrive and soon an interview has been lined up and after a month he got a job of his dream.

Watch the video below and share your views.


24 thoughts on “A creative self-promotion campaign.

  1. I think people are becoming more and more creative with their CV’s today in the hope that they will stand out in the job market. I wish I was this creative to come up with something unique.

  2. Ma che idea bellissima! Lui è davvero un genio!!! E mi fa anche venire un’idea… potrei fare qualcosa di simile (piccoli pacchi CV) per promuovermi con le agenzie. Grazie quindi a te per il tuo post come al solito molto INSPIRING!

  3. Accidenti, la fantasia di questo giovane ragazzo non ha limiti! Ha proprio colto il giusto metodo per come mettersi in mostra dai selezionatori dell’agenzie e distinguersi dagli altri candidati. Dovrei sicuramente imparare da lui!

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