London seen with new eyes thanks to Bose’s new spot.

Could you imagine a buzzing metropolis like London without noise, traffic jams and crowds of people? This surreal image can become a reality in the new ‘Get Closer’ TV ad for Bose by Grey London. The only living soul in the spot is Maëva Berthelot, a well-known dancer from London, who moves to a electro-R&B […]

Coca-cola makes us feel the magic.

To let the magic begin, Coca-Cola invited Justin Flom, a famous American magician to perform in its new ‘Taste the magic’ ad. When you think about emotional marketing, such brand as Coca-Cola immediately cross your mind. It’s one of the most recognized and beloved soft drink brands in the world. It’s also well-known for its […]

Gillette focuses on sport for Rio 2016 campaign.

While waiting for the Olympic opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro, Gillette has launched the three-minute ‘Perfect Isn’t Pretty’ film to reveal the harsh reality that athletes face during preparation periods for the Olympics. Seems a bit weird from the world’s leading male grooming brand, doesn’t it? You can mistake it for famous sport brand […]

Smart way to declare your love with a bouquet of Doritos roses on Valentine’s Day.

Need a great Valentine’s Day gift idea? Doritos knows how to impress your man! Find out more reading the post! Men aren’t always the easiest people to buy gifts for. Knowing that, Doritos has found a brilliant solution – a bouquet of 12-long-stem roses made with Doritos Ketchup tortilla chips which can be delivered for […]

Christmas ads to get you in a festive mood.

As holidays are coming closer, here is the Top 5 Christmas ads that have caught my eye this year. Which one is your favoutite? Christmas is just around the corner Christmas – you feel it in the air All the trees are surrounded with presents The stockings are filling up too Barry Manilow, an American […]

Audi has made a ski commercial without snow.

In the Audi’s France latest spot, French professional freeskier Candide Thovex skis down the snowless hill. How? Watch the ad below. When it comes to car advertising, we often see the vehicle itself in the ad which demonstrates its benefits. It will never cross your mind that there can be something else in the ad. […]

Fiat Chrysler appears in ‘Star Wars’ – themed ad campaign.

The campaign includes a series of TV commercials with five Fiat Chrysler brands to co-promote the much-anticipated ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ movie. On the occasion of the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ release the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in conjunction with Lucasfilm and Disney has launched its new co-branded ad campaign with the Chrysler, […]

Coke Zero’s first ever ‘Drinkable advertising’ campaign.

If you’re thirsty drink an ad! Coca- Cola is full of surprises and continues to impress me with their innovative ideas. Working with Ogilvy&Mather New York they’ve created an entire campaign for Coca-Cola’s low-calorie drink Coke Zero that you can literally drink! Seems incredible, doesn’t it? Using creative thinking with new technologies make the unbelievable […]

Cirque du soleil: an aquatic commercial for T.O by Lipton.

The famous tea brand Lipton has released a groundbreaking TV commercial for its new tea machine, the T.O. It’s an aquatic masterpiece! If you’ve ever seen a performance by the Montreal-based circus troupe Cirque du Soleil, you know that its shows are simply breathtaking. Cirque du Soleil has always amazed its audience with its spectacular […]

The future has finally arrived!

Just think, 30 years has passed but we still remember “Back to the future” movie! As we know, this memorable date is October 21, 2015– that day Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled to the future in “Back to the Future Part II”. So, to celebrate “Back to the Future Day” Toyota has released a […]