Burger King’s new subway ad can whet your appetite.

Burger King, famous American global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, has come up with a smart solution of using the subway luggage shelves to create an optical illusion as if burgers are grilled directly in the subway car. You can experience it in South Korea. Subway rides can be long, monotonous and boring. Commuters […]

Have you heard of Ticket Books that work as subway tickets?

Brazilian pocket book publisher L&PM created a collection of Ticket Books that doubled as free subway tickets to get people read more. People are always busy, they are always in a hurry and they can hardly find any time to read. Unless they read on the way. To celebrate World Book Day and encourage people […]

Get moving, get pumped in the subway with Reebok in Korea.

Reebok in South Korea has launched the pump battle campaign in subway to promote its ZPump Fusion model in unconventional way. Nowadays people need to be more active and spend less time sitting in front of their computers in their workplace, or watching TV, reading, playing video games or driving. Sedentary lifestyle is considered to […]

What if a bus stop turns into a swimming-pool!

Seems unbelievable! Watch the innovative Outdoor Campaign by Hungarian ad agency MyAd Marketing for Budapest Spas and see it for yourself! Outdoor (OOH) is still one of the best and diverse methods of advertising. Outdoor advertising is a highly visible and attention grabbing form of marketing that works for you 24 hours a day/ 7 days a […]

No more excuses! The gym is everywhere!

You often find excuses for not working out. Whether it’s lack of time or money or you just lose interest or motivation. But your excuses are no longer valid! A famous sport brand Reebok decided to remind you that you don’t always need to be inside a gym to get a good workout because the […]

Smart strategy to encourage people to break out of the chill and fall into summer.

Another great ambient marketing campaign that aroused my interest was held a few weeks ago in New York by the Greater Palm Springs and JetBlue to promote JetBlue airline’s new non-stop service from NYC to Palm Springs, California, and to help New Yorkers find their warm summer oasis! If you’re interested, continue reading! It’s commonly […]

IKEA introduces a playful billboard.

This month IKEA has launched an interactive billboard in the subway in its native country to encourage kids and adults to play more together. Subway station Hötorget in Stockholm has recently turned into an ideal place for cool interactive digital billboards. Just remember the “Coke-moji” ad that recognises a facial expression of passersby and shows […]

The interactive billboard that can turn your day into joy.

You will hardly be able to find a billboard that recognises your mimic facial expressions. It can wink and smile with you. Coca-Cola knows how to amaze people and bring a smile to their faces. It has always tried to offer not just a simple soft drink, but something more, like a joy or a […]

How about running on a treadmill in the cinema?

Usually people go to the cinema to relax, but Reebok makes them “Run the Movie” to watch the film. Let’s see. Imagine you’re at the cinema, relaxed, with large containers of popcorn and ready to watch the film. Suddenly it stops and begins to buffer. Spotlights light up in front of the screen on the […]

Billboard that makes you yawn.

Café Pelé, a popular Brazilian coffee brand, has created a contagious billboard to promote its coffee in an unconventional way. The agencies Lew’Lara\TBWA, Brazil come up with a brillian idea. They have launched interactive billboards that made passers-by yawning. You can interact with them at Fradique Coutinho station in the subway in Brazil. It is […]