McMistakes: McDonald’s killer clever recruitment ad campaign to hire students!

Students wanted. No experience needed! This is a tagline of the new killer ad campaign ‘McMistakes’ by the Belgian branch of the McDonald’s fast food chain to motivate students to start their career path and earn some extra cash at on of the most recognizable companies in the world even if they have no prior […]

Top 5 Christmas ads 2016: from M&S to Duracell!

It’s that time of year again when brands come back with their festive-themed ad campaigns. Here’s my selection of some Christmas ads that I like most! Enjoy and share your views!☃️ Oh, the weather outside is frightful But the fire is so delightful And since we’ve no place to go Let it snow, let it […]

Coke Zero’s first ever ‘Drinkable advertising’ campaign.

If you’re thirsty drink an ad! Coca- Cola is full of surprises and continues to impress me with their innovative ideas. Working with Ogilvy&Mather New York they’ve created an entire campaign for Coca-Cola’s low-calorie drink Coke Zero that you can literally drink! Seems incredible, doesn’t it? Using creative thinking with new technologies make the unbelievable […]

Are you ready to speak in color?

OPI, a famous nail polish brand, has launched a new marketing campaign introducing a new concept – a color as the universal language. Nowadays nail polish has become a real fashion accessory. You can choose any color shades depending on your mood or season and match any outfit. Brands aim to attract consumers attention through […]

Public interest ads against harassment in the workplace.

The Ministry of Labour in Brazil has launched a powerful print ad campaign to fight harassment at work. The workplace is one of the most important social space where people spend a lot of time. It is essential that companies should create friendly work environment, so that employees can be effective and productive and enjoy […]

Creative ad campaign from Havas Worldwide, Dusseldorf.

German ad agency Havas Worldwide, Dusseldorf created a communication ad campaign for a pharmacy operator in Germany Lloyds Pharmacy, which cares about their consumers using a creative ways. In particular, a series of print ads was developed and focused on a maintaining a healthy lifestyle and consumer’s wellbeing. A company’s goal is to promote a […]

Pharmacists offer more than just help with medications.

The Ontario Pharmacists Association in Canada has launch “Pharmacists offer more“ ad campaign to promote and spread awareness of the diversity of their services. Most people think pharmacists just dispense pills. But they do a lot more. For example, they offer a range of health services so that people get aware of and get support […]

Fonte Nova Bookstore is interested in arousing your greatest emotions.

Fonte Nova Bookstore in Brazil encourages people to read through entertaining illustrations. Nowadays people read less. They prefer watching television, surfing the internet, talking on cellphones or read only specific educational literature to get new information for their jobs or study. Moreover, people tend to read little rather than try to concentrate on the content. […]

Another novelty by Volvo – LifePaint.

Automaker Volvo is coming up with another awesome idea: LifePaint, a reflective safety spray that highlights cyclists at night. Cycling has always been dangerous and unsafe. There have been many road accidents and cycling injuries in recent years in the UK. The “best way to survive a crash is not to crash” is the claim […]

An awful monster for supercars.

Mercedes-Benz has launched the newest commercial to promote Mercedes-AMG GT, a new sport car, and the best adjective to describe this car is “fearful”. Mercedes- Benz released a promo commercial where a young boy sleeping in bed is brought to the forefront, dreaming about as if he is on a racing track driving his favourite […]