Put your stuff back to work!

This is the title of the Goodwill’s new public service advertisements (PSAs) for the US aiming to encourage people #DonateStuffCreateJobs. You might have heard of Goodwill (or Goodwill Industries International, Inc.), a network of 164 independent non-profit charitable organizations governed by a voluntary board of directors, operating in the United States, Canada and 13 other […]

Do you still want to buy this two euro T-shirt?

Fashion Revolution, a non-profit organization, has conducted a social experiment in Berlin to show people the true cost of cheap fashion clothes. When it comes to fashion, we’re eager to look stylish but not everyone can afford to spend much money on clothes. We always hunt for a great bargain in the sales. Could you […]

The Born Free’s new ad campaign on to protect wild animals.

The Born Free, a British international wildlife non-profit organization, launched a new outdoor campaign that shows how important it is for wild animals to live in their natural habitat. The campaign shows three digital outdoor ads: – “There’s no point in saving the last Lion on Earth”, – “There’s no point in saving the last Elephant […]

Public Service Ad (PSA)

Along with commercial advertising there is the other tipe of advertisment – a Public Service Ad (PSA) The goal of PSA is to attract a public interest, as well as to change public opinion on a social issue and raise awareness to a problem. Customers of this kind of advertising are State authorities (ex. State, […]