McMistakes: McDonald’s killer clever recruitment ad campaign to hire students!

Students wanted. No experience needed! This is a tagline of the new killer ad campaign ‘McMistakes’ by the Belgian branch of the McDonald’s fast food chain to motivate students to start their career path and earn some extra cash at on of the most recognizable companies in the world even if they have no prior […]

Learn from #IHob’s Mistakes: Lessons from a Social Media Marketing Campaign (Guest Post by Sedale McCall)

IHOP’s campaign to rebrand as ‘IHOb’ created a huge buzz on Twitter. But did it increase IHOP’s sales? Or was it just a social media moment in time? The answer might surprise you. In the middle of June 2018, IHOP, known as the International House of Pancakes, announced it would be changing its name to […]

Burger King’s new subway ad can whet your appetite.

Burger King, famous American global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, has come up with a smart solution of using the subway luggage shelves to create an optical illusion as if burgers are grilled directly in the subway car. You can experience it in South Korea. Subway rides can be long, monotonous and boring. Commuters […]

Enjoy your morning coffee while reading a newspaper.

With the Headline Coffee, a new subscription box from the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper, you can get your coffee straight to your door! Every month you have the opportunity to explore new coffee flavours from different parts of the world. Isnt’ it fantastic! Subscription business trend has been growing rapidly over the last few […]

Smart way to declare your love with a bouquet of Doritos roses on Valentine’s Day.

Need a great Valentine’s Day gift idea? Doritos knows how to impress your man! Find out more reading the post! Men aren’t always the easiest people to buy gifts for. Knowing that, Doritos has found a brilliant solution – a bouquet of 12-long-stem roses made with Doritos Ketchup tortilla chips which can be delivered for […]

Zappos sends Google a challenge in a new #PayWithACupcake campaign.

This Zappos guerrilla marketing campaign is simply cool! It aroused my interest from the moment I read its title: ‘Pay with a cupcake’ that reminded me of the recently made Google’s ‘Pay with a photo’ campaign. It is really a battle between two brands. Who will be the winner? It all started off when ‘a giant […]

Have you already created #SocialSalad?

It’s the Bonduelle Italy’s first salad mix made by consumers from its web community. The era of the passive consumers is over. Today’s consumers are active participants and active co-creators of products and service models. They enjoy being constantly involved in the activities of their favorite brands. In this case digital technologies and social media […]

Sweet billboard.

The food brand Cantinho Doce has found an interesting solution to promote its Candy Festival in Brazil. Let’s have a look! We love sweets because they make us feel good and eating candy or other treats can boost our spirits and have a positive effect on our mood. Knowing that, Cantinho Doce with the help […]

Whiskas opens the Kitten Kollege.

Whiskas, the cat-food brand owned by Mars, seems to know how to grab our attention. The brand offers a completely new approach in its communication strategy, by creating the “Kitten Kollege” online campaign, in which young feline students can develop their life skills to become tomorrow’s cats. In particular, Whiskas UK has released a very […]

No tricks, just treats and wine!

In celebration of the upcoming Halloween, the popular wine app Vivino, has released a special guide for adults that helps them to find out how to pair their favourite candy with the right wine. We are used to pairing food with wine. You know, a carefully selected wine enhances the flavour and enjoyment of both […]